Monday, July 7, 2014

Restaurant Love: Balboa (Take 3)

I love Balboa. In fact, I think this is my third entry on the restaurant. I ate there around 6 times already and I still crave for more. I have the Balboa addiction! But I have finally moved on from my crazy fascination over its Roasted Chicken. This time, I tried other dishes.

F sent me a random message about Balboa one Friday night and asked if I want to try the place out. Since I had no plans for lunch that day, we agreed to meet and K joined us as well.
I arrived a bit late (because I had to finish my weekend chores first) and F and K were halfway done with their meals. But given that I love to order a complete meal, I ordered a bowl of Cream of Squash (PHP209), Smoked Salmon (PHP348), and Carrot Pineapple (PHP138). I also ordered an Espresso Cheesecake (PHP228) for sharing.
My cream of squash was not as smooth as I wanted it to be but it sure was creamy and thick. It was sweet and slightly salty just the way I prefer it to be. I enjoyed it with my toast.

The smoked salmon was delightful. I loved the fresh, smooth and soft salmon topped with the lovely and perfectly cooked poached eggs and goat cheese. I just find the bread a bit too heavy for the meal so I skipped the other slice of bread.
I was really happy with my Carrot Pineapple drink. It didn't taste healthy at all. It was refreshing and light. I'll order this again soon! (I just hated the paper straw as it turns soggy!)
Now for dessert...
The Espresso Cheesecake is a definite must order for coffee lovers. It had a strong coffee flavor and it also had a bit of tart which is something to expect from cheesecakes. I loved this one! 

It was one Saturday lunch well spent. :) I love you K and F. <3
Balboa is located at 4th Floor, East Wing Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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