Saturday, July 12, 2014

Love at First Bite: Gostoso Piri Piri Chicken

We decided to walk to Smile Elephant Thai Restaurant from Ace Water Spa and Hotel in order for us to burn some calories. But since most of the restaurants in Kapitolyo are near each other, we were not able to burn so many calories. But the foodie gods were against our adventure as Smile Elephant Restaurant was closed! Well, at least until 5 p.m.. Anyway, we were quick to adjust our plans and decided to go to Gostoso instead. And I failed to realize that it was rather far from the other restaurants. So after a few minutes and slightly disheveled hair, we made it.
Hello, Gostoso.
The place definitely caught my interest with the “Pork Here” sign near the restaurant’s door. But I went crazier inside. I just love how quirky the whole place was designed. There was a cute thermometer drawing painted on the floor leading you to the counter, a “Break Glass In Case It Gets Too Hot” sign on the wall, and light fixtures with chili cutouts. It was such a lovely sight.
N wanted to just try the Piri Piri Chicken but I thought that it would be boring to just try one. (Plus we walked so far!) So after 10 seconds of convincing, we ordered two. We got the Quarter chicken with rice and one side dish (PHP230 versus PHP200 of just the chicken) and Porco Gostoso (PHP315). I also ordered Gosto De Tea (PHP80) which they claim to be a house blend tea.
Service was quite quick or perhaps it felt that way since N ad I were still stuffed from the first (second for me) stop.

I tried the Porco Gostoso first and it was oily but extremely good! It was so flavorful and definitely well cooked. It was so soft that you don’t even have to chew it. There was a bit of suya (easily getting tired of the taste) factor so this dish is best to be shared and enjoyed with rice or side dish (we had creamed corn and it was sooo good!). I loved munching on it with the Piri Piri sauce (I went with the mild one while N had the spicy sauce).
The Piri Piri Chicken was yummy as well. Not as flavorful as the pork dish, this one is something I’d order again as it seemed to be less sinful. Also, this is something I could finish alone. And I just want to emphasize how much I loved the creamed corn. It was sooooo good. It went really well with the pork and chicken.

My house blend iced tea on the other hand tasted pretty much like Lipton iced tea. It made me doubt if it was really house blend. Nonetheless, it was refreshing. N was worried though as I already had too much tea in my system then. No wonder I’m so jumpy and hyper lately. (Then again, I’m always hyper unless I’m hungry or… well, angry because I’m hungry.)
I will definitely be back for more of Gostoso’s dishes.
Ito ang Gostoso ko. Okay, that was a terrible line.
Gostoso is located at 51-B East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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