Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kiddie Adventure: Ark Avilon Zoo

I just love doing unique activities. As a person who is no longer fond of going to the malls as I find it so mundane, going to Binondo for a kalesa ride or to La Mesa Eco Park to play paint ball are a few things I wouldn’t mind doing every weekend. Imagine how happy I was when my favorite Dragon lady said yes to change our Children’s Day plans to visit a zoo instead. I was ecstatic!

We decided to pay Ark Avilon Zoo a visit as it was the nearest zoo our area (or at least mine).
It was slightly hard to find the place as it was at the very back of Fun Ranch. And there were very few people to ask so T and I ended up circling around all sweaty in our kiddie outfits. (Cue: Eww.)
After a few minutes, we found someone to ask and he told us that the zoo is indeed at the far back. So we went back to the fish pond and saw a walkway to the zoo’s entrance.

The place was pretty empty when we arrived. Well, it must be because we were the only brave ones to face the crazy heat. We quickly paid the entrance fee of PHP350 and went inside.
First thing we saw was the birds’ area. There were several parrots and other birds of different shapes and sizes. (Can you sense I have no interest in them?)
Then we saw…  a Siberian Tiger! We were mesmerized by the size of the tiger. It seemed restless though walking back and forth across its very small cage. It took us 10 minutes or so before we could move on. We can’t help but stare at the wonderful creature. It was simply beautiful.
When we finally decided to move on, we saw…
Some mammals who experienced "The Hangover" and Last Friday Night combined.
The scary big birds
Why hello there cutie pie!
Watermelon loving tortoise
I want to pet you!!!
We had a glimpse of an Ark Avilon scandal...

And then there was that awkward moment.
What I love most about Ark Avilon Zoo is that they have feeding areas. Given that I was deprived of pets, I just have to take advantage of this. You have an option to feed birds, turtles, fish, lambs, goats, rabbits, hamsters, and a lot more. I chose to feed lambs (because Mary had a little lamb) and rabbits. 
Feeding them isn’t free though. You have to shell out PHP40 to buy a small bottle of milk and a carrot on stick. 
I also had to have my photo taken with Jenny the Orangutan. For PHP50, you are allowed to have 2 photos taken. Yes, they are very strict with this one. The trainer will be the one to take your photo to make sure that there are just 2 photos. So make sure you flash your prettiest smile. And no matter what happen, hold that sneeze in!
Overall, it was a fun afternoon. I'll see you again soon Ark Avilon Zoo! I'm bringing my sister with me next time. I would like to apologize in advance if we scream like weirdos when we visit.
That's a heart. Believe me, I tried.
Ark Avilon Zoo is located at Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, corner C5, Pasig City. (It's behind Fun Ranch)

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