Monday, March 4, 2013

Tea Party: TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

The T3 (The Takaw Trio) is back and this time, we are a bit more posh! We decided to have lunch at this new tea place in Greenbelt 5 and it was the start of an amazing day.
TWG, does that stand for “The Wonderful Gastronomy”?
The place has a high ceiling and we noticed that it has this masculine look that Sherlock Holmes will not look odd in. N also noticed that the place has a lot of male customers as well. Tea party is just for girls? Nah!
When J and I arrived, N was waiting for about 2 hours already. But to my surprise, she was able to resist finishing the yummy raspberry tart she ordered. It was fluffy in the inside, tangy on the outside and the crisp yet creamy dark chocolate chip made all the difference. Sorry, no picture but just say, “one awesome tangy raspberry with dark chocolates on the side tart!”
It took us a while to decide on what to order. I was overwhelmed with the menu as it had a lot of yummy choices. In the end, I chose the first thing that caught my eye… Gourmet brunch set (PHP750). 
N decided to get the Seafood in a Love Me Tea infused cream sauce (PHP420) while J ordered the Seared Matcha Salmon (PHP650).
My brunch set is divine! The mixed salad had a tangy dressing and it sure boosted my appetite. I fell in love with the scrambled eggs as it was really fluffy and creamy. I also opted to have it with white truffle oil. It made me go aaaaah~~ every time I get a bite! I enjoyed it even more when I ate it with the French brioche toasts. One of the reasons why I ordered this set is because there’s salmon but I was a tad disappointed to find out that it was so small. :(
The marinated shrimps were served chilled and it was undeniably fresh. The orange juice was also freshly squeezed and I enjoyed every pulp!
As for my pastry, the server recommended the Singapore Surprise and I was indeed surprised as it was amazingly good!!! It tasted like crème brulee but with raspberries and it had a hard crust thus adding texture to the typical creamy crème brulee.
N’s lasagna is a winner! The pasta was cooked well and the sauce was simply delicious! You can definitely taste the seafood flavor from the sauce alone. I had a little bite and it was already satisfying.
J’s salmon was pretty good too! It was slightly crisp (or perhaps because I got the edge?) yet the salmon was not dry. The tangy balsamic vinegar added a bit of kick to it.
As for the tea, N ordered the Black tea with Chocolate while I ordered the Pink Garden tea (mine is part of the brunch set). The chocolate tea was bitter as the tea flavor was overpowering the chocolate. I added a bit of sugar to sweeten it and in an instant; I finally got to taste the chocolate.
The Pink Garden tea on the other hand is part of the tea group with flowery taste. If I recall it right, rose is one of the ingredients to make this tea.
Overall, I had a fun lunch date with T3. I will definitely be back for Sexy Tea, Love Me Tea, Happy Tea and Dancing Tea! 

TWG is located at the Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St. Makati City.

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