Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Lunch: Maui Style Hawaiian BBQ

I remember the first time I explored L.A. alone was the day I shopped my heart out. I got a free ride from G going to Americana (one of my favorite places), then I went straight to Forever 21 and H&M in search for thicker clothes. After a while I decided to go to Galleria and visited Cotton On, another Forever 21, and The Body Shop. It took me a while before I realized that I missed lunch time. So with paper bags in tow, I went straight to Galleria’s food court to grab a meal. I remember that the meal was around $10 and it was HUGE. I had a hard time finishing it. So when N1 and I went to Citadel with N2 and S, I made sure that the meal we’ll order will be for sharing.

It’s shopping time again. Funny how most people tend to be on extreme shopping mode whenever their vacation is about to end. It happens to me every time and I spent a lot of time in Walmart buying chocolates.
It was past noon when we decided to have lunch and headed to the food area of the outlet. We spotted Maui Style Hawaiian BBQ and since they offer heavy meals, we went in. (Oh rice, why are you so attractive?)
There's rice there somewhere.
N1 and I ordered the Beef and Chicken meal ($7.49) for sharing while N2 and S ordered a meal each—beef and shrimp combo and beef and Maui Crunch Roll.
One thing I noticed was that the serving was really… really generous. We were already full and we still had leftover meat. The chicken and beef were cooked well and were tender. The sauce was pretty good too. It was slightly sweet which reminded me of barbeque sauce.
The Maui Crunch Roll was pretty good too. It is your usual maki with crunchy breading. It added texture to the typical sticky maki.

Oh, one more thing I love about this place is the unlimited soda refill. N1 reminded me not to drink much soda but it was unlimited. Too tempting.

Maui Style is located at Citadel Outlets, 100 Citadel Drive, Suite 480, Los Angeles, CA 90040.

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