Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Digital Age: McDelivery Online

Don’t you just have those moments when you just feel like pigging out? When you’ll find yourself staring at some random food or your fingers automatically typing a fast food’s online delivery website? Well, it happened to me just now and I am not regretting it… yet.
So a little past 3, I find myself mesmerized by the McDelivery website. I was staring at the menu and getting hungrier and hungrier by the minute. Soon, T and S passed by my cube and I immediately asked them if they feel like ordering. T hesitated while S gamely said yes.
Since it has been the norm in the office that if you plan to order, you have to ask people around first unless you want them to give you the why-didn’t-you-tell-me-you’re-going-to-order-and-now-you’re-making-me-very-jealous glare. I asked around and ended up ordering for 9 people.
It was fun ordering online. Plus human error has been minimized as the one ordering can read his or her order before clicking “done”. I love that there is also the option “change for” which I find perfect as we normally do not have the exact amount ready. 
The whole ordering experience has been smooth except at the end when I got a notification that there was an error. Then my whole order disappeared. I wasn’t sure if my order got through so in the end, I had to call the hotline. But surprise! It did. Yehey! Plus since I get to call, I got to say what sauce I want for my nuggets.
However, they were late for 20 minutes. :( Nonetheless, it still wasn’t all that bad. 

Order online now! Visit http://www.mcdelivery.com.ph and have your  favorite McDonald’s goodies knocking your door.

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