Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Restaurant Love: Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

Ribs… what’s not to love? Soft meat, lovely sauce, dirty fingers… bliss. And where can we try out one of the best tasting ribs? Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que! 

It was a tiring day as we just flew back to California from New York and it was one gloomy Thursday. N and I were quite hungry and decided to have lunch out. Since I haven’t visited Lucille’s yet and N was craving for meat, we drove to the popular ribs place.

Hello, Lucille’s!
It has this diner feel and it is pretty charming!
We decided to go for a BBQ Lunch Platter with a combination of St. Louis spare ribs, tri tip, one quarter smoked chicken ($15.99) and ordered a salad and mashed potatoes on the side. N also ordered the Lucille’s BBQ Tri Tip Sandwich ($13.49).
While waiting, we were given complimentary bread which I recall Frannywanny raving about. It was sweet bread to my surprise. I was expecting the typical bland bread with butter so this was a pleasant surprise. I guess it is to prepare the taste buds to the savory ribs.
The salad was your typical greens so let me focus more on the “meat”.

N just loves the St. Louis spare ribs so that was the first thing he took. The meat was tender and very easy to chew. It was well seasoned too. (By the way, Lucille’s is also known for its sauces. It has mild and spicy sauces depending on your preference.) I enjoyed eating it with the mild sauce.
The tri tip was really soft. Tri tip what? Let’s be a bit scientific here. According to Wikipedia, tri tip is not so popularly known (a.k.a. scientific name) as the tensor fasciae latae which is the “connective tissue covering the quadriceps extensors”.  Okay, nose bleed! For foodies, this is one soft meat. I think we could just go with that. The marinate is quite similar with the spare ribs but the eating experience was different as the texture was slightly smoother and it was definitely softer too.

The chicken was my favorite though that day. It was weird as I was eating in a ribs place. But I just love how the skin was so flavorful and it seeps through the meat of the chicken. It was well-cooked too. There was not a single blotch of red on the meat.

I don’t recall tasting N’s sandwich but based on how fast he finished it, it must be good. Also, according to Lucille’s website, it’s their most popular sandwich.
I can’t wait to give the ribs another go. Perhaps I’ll try to be a bit more adventurous and give the spicy sauce a try. 

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