Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Deal of the Day: 40-Daytime Unlimited Pass at Urban Ashram Manila

The road to fitness sure is tough. I grew up with a lifestyle of eating and physical activities play a very small part which is more popularly known as P.E.. Yes, after graduating, I practically just wake up, eat, go to work, eat, go home, eat, and sleep. That’s pretty much my life until I felt the need to be more active, especially when I realized that at this stage, I just have to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Last January, I availed the 15-day unlimited pass of Urban Ashram and decided to give yoga a try to get my body in shape. I wasn’t able to maximize the whole 15 days as I had some days where I have to stay late at work or when I just feel… lazy.
However, I really enjoyed yoga. I loved it that I get to sweat it all out and that I feel a lot lighter after. I still can’t reach my toes to save my life but I reached the point that I could touch it for a millisecond before snapping back up like a spring.

I thought long and hard if I should avail the PHP4,500 unlimited monthly pass as I find it too steep for me especially since I am now learning how to drive (through a driving school) plus exploring other things as well. In short, I’m on a budget.
Then one day while browsing a site that captured my attention (because it had a sinful chocolate cake on it!) I saw a promo on Deal Grocer.

THIS IS IT. I am going back to yoga! 40-daytime unlimited pass for only PHP2,500? Sold!
And this is my first ever (well, it was supposed to be second but the first one was a failure) successful online purchase! *pats myself*

I can’t wait to start... again.

Urban Ashram logo and yoga mat photo are from Urban Ashram's website.

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