Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Black Day Lunch at Jang Ga Nae

I just adore my Dongguk friends. (Note: Dongguk is one of the universities in Seoul, Korea where I studied for 5 months with some students from UA&P and UP.) Without them, I won't be able to spend the fun Korean "traditions" or events such as Peppero Day (11-11) which is similar to Valentine's Day and Black Day (4-14) which is celebrated by those who did not receive any chocolates during Valentine's Day and White Day (3-14--which is when the guys give the girls they like chocolates).

Happy Black Day! Well, I am not sure if I said it right as if you reword it, it'll be "Happy Single Awareness Day!" For some reason, it sounds... wrong. 

Anyway, channeling the Korean in us, we thought of eating at Jang Ga Nae, a popular Korean restaurant along Escriva. We all decided to meet up at 12:30 p.m. but ended up meeting a bit later. 

I was the last one to arrive and to my surprise, T, K, and D were a NOT IN BLACK. *shocked*

Oh well. We were too hungry to be bothered with the lack of color coordination and decided to order. We chose ultimate favorite Bulgogi (PHP300), Gal Bi Jim (PHP300) and Dak Gal Bi (PHP350) as to avoid us looking too addicted to beef.
First served was the side dishes. K's eyes went from (-.-) to (o.o) as one of the side dishes was her favorite peanuts with sweet sauce (it tasted like sweet soy sauce). Other side dishes were kimchi, macaroni salad, greens, and bean sprouts (one of the side dishes I finished myself without offering a single strand... oops).
The other dishes were served shortly after we finished our side dishes. First served was the bulgogi (my love). 
It was served on a sizzling plate just like in Ye Dang and it has a bit of sauce. But for some reason, I enjoyed this one more. It was tastier and sweeter. 
The meat was more tender too. It reminded me of the Korean restaurant I dined in before near my university in Seoul.
Next served was the Gal Bi Jim (beef rib stew) and it sure was very tender. It was also quite sweet so eating it alone might make you get tired of it easily. It somehow reminded me of our own version of kaldereta especially after seeing the potatoes.
Last served was the Dak Gal Bi (grilled chicken) and it was a tad spicy. Weird enough, despite my low tolerance to spicy food, i took two pieces. I'm not sure if it was because the plate was right in front of me (easy access) or because of my "extreme glutton-state" during lunch but I really enjoyed it even though I had to drink several cups of water to get rid of the spiciness.
Overall, I enjoyed my Jang Ga Nae experience and it definitely made Black Day an awesome day!

P.S. Friends, let's ALL wear black next time, okay? :) Saranghae!!! <3
Jang Ga Nae is locaed at Ground floor, 8137 Plaza, J. Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Brgy. San Antonio, Pasig City.

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  1. I like the free salad! Definitely a good korean resto! : )

  2. i just had dinner at Jang Ga Nae with the Korea gang tonight!! I had Sol Galbi (beef ribs), Seafood Pajeon, a bit of Chap Chae, a piece of beef from the Galbi Jim and Dak Galbi too!! Yummmm no black noodles?


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