Sunday, April 8, 2012

Love At First Bite: J.Co Donuts & Coffee

I just love doughnuts! It is one of my top comfort food choices. I just love the sweet, chewy ones. I still drool whenever I remember the chewy doughnuts of Mister Donut in Seoul. It was love and definitely different from the ones available here (which I love too).

One typical workday turned special when we were surprised by several yellow boxes from J.Co. In short, we had a feast. The Alcapone was L-O-V-E. While munching on the doughnut topped with slices of almonds, I was informed by Frannywanny that J.Co will open their first store in Mega Mall and I was so thrilled as it is so near my "territory".
However, it took me quite a while before I got to pay J.Co a visit. But I just cannot keep on delaying it anymore and decided to visit it a few weeks ago. 
Hi, J.Co! *smile*
My mom was like a little kid mesmerized by the different flavors available. She quickly decided to buy a box of 12 and started to select the 12 doughnuts for us to try. 
I suggested the Alcapone knowing that it's J.Co's bestseller. We also got the Choco Loco, Cheese Me Up, Choco Caviar, Tiramisu, Don Mochino, Crunchy Crunchy, Why Nut, Choconutzzy, Glazzy, Oreology, and Blueberry More.
While waiting for my love struck mom and sister, I stared at the beverage menu of J.Co. Unfortunately, my throat was still not well to try a sweet drink and my mom didn't want me to drink coffee that day as it'd make me hyper for a few hours before crashing down and fall asleep. (Sugar rush.)
We hurriedly went home to sink our teeth into these yummy round loves and I instantly fell in love with the Crunchy Crunchy and Choco Caviar as munching on these two reminded me of rice crispies [but covered in chocolate]! (I'm a sucker for rice crispies.) I also enjoyed the Choco Loco and of course, the Alcapone. The Don Mochino, having a coffee flavor in it also made me smile. I find Tiramisu, Choconutzzy and Why Nut a tad too sweet for me but I'm sure sweet tooth foodies will fall in love with these three (Choconutzzy and Why Nut have a peanut butter taste)!
My sister, being a certified Oreo addict, loved the Oreology which is drizzled with Oreo crumbs. My mom on the other hand loved the Alcapone too and Blueberry More,the one with the blueberry filling as it has this tangy yet sweet flavor. She also enjoyed Glazzy (note: she loves all glazed doughnuts!).
I've read that they also have savory doughnuts (like sandwiches, I guess) and I'm excited to try those. My mom has also been bugging me to buy her a box of Al Capone for weeks now. So, see you again very soon, J.Co! 
J.Co is located The Strip, Building B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

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  1. we've just tried the baby donuts and they were really delish. looking forward to trying out the bigger versions and J. CO's frap and froyo too. thanks for sharing...:)


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