Thursday, April 19, 2012

Black Day Snacks at Milky Way Tea

I just realized that more often than not, whenever I go out with friends, we usually have at least two stops—one for a real meal and one for just-because-we-want-to-eat-more-even-though-we-are-already-full or more to put it simply, pure gluttony. This entry is the part 2 of the Black Day celebration where I was the only one in black. *pouts*

It took me quite a while to pay this place a visit. But since Black Day is a special day, I just have to visit it with my Dongguk friends (minus one since D has another date *hurt*).

When we arrived there were only about two tables occupied. One was having a meeting about business and the other table was celebrating White Day on a Black Day. :D
As the ultimate sucker for highlighted items in the menu, I ordered the Dark Chocolate with Rock Salt and Creamy Cheese Tea (PHP90, regular; PHP100, large). Since I was still a bit full from lunch, I ordered regular (plus I will be attending another event for dinner). *bliss*

Since I heard that their waffles are also good, I decided to order the Banana and Walnut Moffle (PHP90; regular, PHP170, large). No, it wasn’t a typo. Moffle is a combination of mocha and waffle. How cool is that?!?
Our orders arrived quickly and I took a sip of my drink and it tasted… not dark. It was actually sweet. Perhaps I should have made it 30% instead of 50%. It also reminded me of Swiss Miss. I guess I was comparing it with ChaTime’s Chocolate Mousse, my ultimate afternoon drink weakness. I’d most likely order something else next time.
The Moffle on the other hand was not a disappointment at all. Despite being full, I wasn’t able to stop myself from getting a slice after slice after slice. It was chewy and slightly sweet. I skipped though the cream cheese (it was quite tangy so I’m assuming that it was cream cheese and not butter) to avoid extra calories (well, I think it was a bit too late to think about that).
It was a perfect ender for our Black Day date. (Well, even with all girls, I ended up being a third wheel. *darn*) I’d definitely be back for more Moffles!

Do check your seats as I sat on a broken one and it gave me a fright!
P.S. Before we left the place, my mom called me to buy her a drink and since she loves classic drinks, I ordered the Milky Way Classic with 50% sugar since my drink was too sweet. Apparently, hers wasn’t sweet enough. So for those who have sweet tooth and loves pearl milk teas, do make it 100%. :)

Milky Way Tea is located at the Ground Floor, FERN CORP. CENTER Building, Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City.

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