Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Pre-Birthday Lunch at Chefs' Quarter

It has always been a tradition for me to spend my birthday for at least three days. Spoiled, I know. But I just love love love birthdays. Most of my friends know that. There are even times when I’d resist sleeping just so I could be the first one to greet them (as I tend to be competitive even in the most bizarre things people do not even compete to be first). Note: I normally greet people privately unless I do not have their numbers. Given the chance, I’d send birthday cards instead of the usual “happy birthday” message via Facebook or SMS. It seems to be more personal and more sincere for me. Well, take it from a girl who fondly collects grocery receipts and Ferrero Rocher stickers.

I just love lunch dates with my dad. It makes me feel a lot closer to him even though all we talk about is work or how much he wanted to throw me to another country. Yes, that’s love.
Since it was a day before my birthday, I get to decide where to eat (without any violent reaction from his end). I decided to go for Chefs' Quarter, the restaurant we dined in during his birthday. He seemed fairly happy when we last visited that place.

This time though, my sister did not join us as she was bitten by the lazy bug. Nonetheless, it was still a table for three as N joined us for lunch.
My dad arrived late and hungry so we quickly ordered the following: Chefs' Quarter Steak (PHP595, 8 oz) for my dad, Peppered Steak (PHP600, family) for N, and Grilled Tiger Prawns (PHP495, 4 pcs.) for myself. I also ordered Prawn Bisque (PHP120) as I just can’t resist soup.
The Chefs' Quarter Steak is Chefs' Quarter’s bestseller and I thought that it would be the best dish for my extremely picky dad.

It looked nice and appetizing but… it wasn’t that great. It was on the bland side and it was cut really thin. I normally do not have anything against thinly cut steak as I love it but this one made the steak less succulent. The sauce did not help at all.
N’s steak seemed to be more promising. I managed to get a bite of it and it was indeed peppery. The cut was thicker thus making it seem juicier. The gravy though seemed to be a bit too thick for me.
I liked my order though. The Tiger Prawns sure were big and fresh. The shells were easy to peel (and that has always been one of my ways to know if the shrimps/prawns served to me are fresh). The lobster cognac sauce was also delightful to the taste buds. It was like tasting the world of Ariel of The Little Mermaid in one bite! I also enjoyed the mashed potato that goes with it. At first, I was a bit iffy if my order will make me full as I will be eating just 4 prawns and it had to last me till dinner time. Then again, it did. (Or was it because of the mashed potatoes?)
Now for my soup (not pictured). They had to serve it twice as the first bowl had a weird after taste. It seemed like they were not able to devein the shrimps. It tasted bitter. But I was informed that it was the liquor that was added that made it bitter. Nonetheless, they brought me a new bowl. Since it was still too bitter for me, I ended up just taking a few slurps.

I wanted to order dessert but my dad had to leave already. So N and I ended up having dessert in Greenhills (and that’s another story).

Then I remembered, I have yet to try their salad. Another reason to visit this restaurant.

Chefs’ Quarter is located at 3F SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City.


  1. when you get to visit Chef's Quarters again order the Tessie Tomas Salad :) YUMMM

    1. I will. I was planning to order that but it slipped my mind. :|


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