Monday, November 23, 2020

Postpartum Care: Ge Lai Dishes from Ahma Shirley

I was so excited for the day I get to meet Sam. I was looking forward to our first hug, kiss, and snuggle. But one thing I wasn't looking forward to was the pain of giving birth and the postpartum care I had to undergo for a month. Yes, I am talking about the Chinese postpartum practice called ge lai. I simply do not like the idea of not taking a bath for a month. But after a few days of indulging in ge lai dishes, I realized that it wasn't bad at all. I even like it. And it was a treat when Ahma Shirley PH offered to send some of their bestselling dishes my way.

Hello, Ahma Shirley.

Ahma Shirley specializes in traditional Chinese postpartum recovery dishes and conveniently deliver it straight to your doorstep. Its menu has been well received, not just by moms who recently gave birth, but also by those who enjoy feasting on the health benefits ge lai dishes offer.

I tried Ahma Shirley's Cha Yochi or Stir fry Kidney (PHP688), Black Chicken Sesame (PHP1,788), and Native Chicken Ginger Soup (PHP1,888).

I am not very fond of eating animals' internal organs with very few exceptions, so Cha Yochi was new to me. And I found it something of an acquired taste. 

What I enjoyed was its snappy texture, which I read was hard to achieve if cooked incorrectly. (Note: Cha Yochi is a great aid for wound healing and perfect for CS moms like me.)

Black Chicken Sesame was filled with medicinal herbs giving it that sweet yet savory flavor I love.

The black chicken, the same one used in sibut, was firm and well complemented by the addictive broth. (Note: This dish is perfect for boosting one's immunity and energy.)

But the one I loved the most was the Native Chicken Ginger Soup. Though it somehow tasted quite similar to Black Chicken Sesame, I liked this one more as I prefer white chicken.

The meat was also on the firm side as this dish uses native or free-range chicken. (Note: This is perfect for breastfeeding moms as it helps build one's milk supply.)

Fun Trivia: Ahma means grandmother in Chinese. 

Ahma Shirley offers other delightful ge lai dishes. To order, contact them via Instagram, Facebook, +63 915 375 3561, or

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