Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Beauty 101: Clarence launches PicoWay, a Revolutionary Solution to Skin Pigmentation

I never considered having a tattoo for various personal reasons. Growing up with people who never even tried henna didn't help me become more open minded to getting inked. I guess, aside from my fear of a cute heart design turning wrinkly after decades, the lifelong commitment to it made it impossible for me to even think about it. But technology sure can change someone's perception on things. 

Hello, Clarence Anti-Aging, Slimming, and Dermatology Centre
It's interesting to visit dermatology clinics as you learn a lot about how to take care of your skin. I have to admit, I was once a victim of wrong information. I thought that weekly facials can help address my intense acne problem. But it took a very pricey dermatology session than made me realize that it had to be addressed differently and what I was doing was just aggravating it. 
This time around, I've already "graduated" from acne breakouts and my biggest skin concerns now are fine lines and age spots. Though I swear by a famous moisturizer known to combat these, it seems like age (and reality) is catching up fast.
I've learned though from my visit at Clarence that there's another effective way to combat these signs of aging and that is through PicoWay
PicoWay is the "latest and most advanced laser solution for benign pigmentation" and could be the easiest way out to those fine lines. It is also said to have less discomfort and you'd see improvement in fewer sessions. This means that you get to save time and money. 
During our visit, we were lucky to witness how one guest had her tattoo removed in less than 5 minutes! (Of course, that excludes the prep time of putting topical anesthesia cream on the inked area.)
The head of Clarence, Dr. Joan Clarence Morallo, was the one who facilitated the procedure and told us that the PicoWay machine used for tattoo removal and skin pigmentation is the same. It just uses different laser heads (if I remember it correctly). 
It would seem like Dr. Clarence Morallo did magic and just waved a wand over the tattooed finger as the ink disappeared in no time. Though the patient said that it was painful, it was not as painful as the usual tattoo removals available in the market. Though it would create redness, this procedure ensures that it won't leave scars. 
This first in the Philippines technology sure is impressive. And having an international beauty expert like Kristi Burns to vouch it says a lot abot this one of a kind technology. I can't wait to try its PicoWay Facial soon. I just hope that it won't hurt that much. (Then again, no pain, no gain.)

Clarence Anti-Aging, Slimming, and Dermatology Centre is located at 2nd Floor, Mila Holdings Building, 28 Jupiter Street corner Astra Street, Bel Air, Makati City.

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