Thursday, July 9, 2015

Love at First Bite: Lobster King

I hardly get to explore the Philippines so when R asked me to join him and his friends to Coron, I quickly said yes. (And I have not met his friends then.) It was a fun trip and I got do things for the first time such as jump off a boat, climb a mountain (towards Kayangan Lake), and enjoy Coron. I have to admit though that one of the highlights of our trip was our stop at Lobster King.

Hello, Lobster King!
J, the wonderful local who helped us with everything while we were in Coron, raved about Lobster King and that we should prepare our tummies. It wasn’t hard to do so when all we did for hours before dinner was jump off the boat and swim.
The girls took charge of ordering for the whole group and they went crazy over lobster. We had 8 plates full of lobster! Other dishes that were ordered were oysters (in cheese and in butter garlic), sisig, roasted chicken and clam soup. (I forgot to take photos of the soup, sisig and roasted chicken as these were placed far from me and everyone was hungry.)
The oysters were huge! R was disappointed that the cheese on the oysters did not melt and was just grated cheese on top of grilled oysters. But it was still pretty good as it was fresh!
The butter garlic version was better though as it was more savory.

Now for the star of the night… lobsters.
At first we all had half a piece each and tried to savor it as we were not sure how many 8 kgs of lobsters would look like. Then came another plate… and another and followed by more. We started to feast on the yummy crustaceans. It was addicting! We couldn’t stop. The fresh slightly sweet taste was evident and the garlic-y sauce was delightful. It had a bit of spice though.
We kept on eating lobsters till we felt slightly dizzy and had that sensation that we were still on a sailboat.

Overall, it was a wonderful dinner. And for PHP800 per head, it was not a bad at all. Lobster King, you do deserve a crown!

Lobster King is located at Barangay 5, Coron Palawan.

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