Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Friday Night Destination: Tipple & Slaw

Ever since we moved to a busier part of Manila, things felt busier at work too. But since temptation to eat out is stronger in our new area, dragging people for dinner became easier. Hence Friday Night Out with officemates!

Hello, Tipple & Slaw!
It has been a while since I last visited Tipple & Slaw. I recall it was way back August when I first (and last) visited.

The place remained the same and I got the same table too as last time. But this time, instead of just ordering one dish, we ordered six. I ordered Oyster Chowder (PHP180) first as I was famished. D got the Sriracha Mac N Cheese (PHP200) while C1 ordered Chicken Nuggets (PHP250). C2 and A ordered Peruvian Roast Chicken (PHP350) for sharing while M and I (ßthat’s me, not an initial I) got the Roast Beef (PHP550). We also ordered Meat-zza (PHP650) for sharing.
First served was my oyster chowder and it was super salty. It tasted like I was drinking creamy seawater! But I was really hungry to the point of being hangry so I kept slurping and I also ate the crispy (and oily) oysters on the side.
Next served was D’s mac n cheese and everyone reacted that it was spicy. Well, it really was but people who love that kind of kick will adore this dish. (P.S. It wasn’t super spicy.)
C1’s chicken nuggets order seemed to be a value for money. Not bad for PHP250.
C2 and A’s Peruvian Roast looked good. They liked it but disliked that the plate had more corn than chicken.
I loved the Roast Beef. It was one of the priciest dishes that night but it was worth the price. The savory roast beef, deep fried onions and chunks of potatoes… it was love! It’s also good for sharing.
We were all excited for the Meat-zza as the description “pastrami, bacon, porchetta, mozzarella and cream cheese” made it sound so good. Sadly though, it was nothing extraordinary. In fact, it was a bit too ordinary.

Tipple & Slaw had several misses that night but it was still a nice dinner with colleagues. (And that roast beef!<3)

See you again next time… during Happy Hour!

Tipple and Slaw is located at 2nd floor, Forum South Global, Federacion Drive corner 7th Avenue, BOnifacio Global City, Taguig City

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