Thursday, May 21, 2015

Convenience Store Find: Chips Delight Chocolate Chip Brittle Brownie

I love to snack… a lot. I get so excited whenever I see new snacks in supermarket or friendly convenience stores. I have my fair share of cheap thrills and pricey happy tummy finds (which make me think THRICE before buying). And last month, I discovered a new snack. Well, technically, it isn’t new at all but the first brands that entered the market aren’t that wallet friendly. Anyway, presenting…

Chips Delight Chocolate Chip Brittle Brownie <3
I love Chips Delight’s chocolate chip cookies. I even find it better than Chips Ahoy. (But still, nothing can beat Famous Amos).  

Before you jump for joy, this brittle brownie of Chips Delight is not exactly as affordable as its cookie counterpart. I bought mine a bit over PHP80 at Family Mart. I tried looking for it in supermarkets but I couldn’t find it at all. *sad*

Nonetheless, I get to save PHP50 when I buy this instead of its imported counterparts. And the chocolatey taste and loveable crunchy texture are there. I still think it’s a good buy. :)


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