Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Colleagues’ Choice: Watami

It’s always fun to bond with colleagues outside the office. You get to know them better and you get to freely talk about other things without feeling guilty of slacking off. And since one of my officemates will be leaving soon, we decided to have a team dinner. After a few suggestions here and there, we decided to dine at Watami.

Hello, Watami.

I was super hungry when I got there with one of my officemates who happen to live in the same area. Due to lack of self control, I ordered right away. I went with: Watami Salad (PH255 for half), Salmon Irodori (PHP195), Cold Soba (PHP225) and Shochu (PHP150).
The Shochu arrived first and it looked like water. Upon sniffing, I could definitely tell that it’s alcohol. It was pretty strong too.

The Watami Salad and Salmon Irodori were served next.

I noticed that the salad’s meant for sharing as it was served with tongs but… no. *sharing no likey* (Kidding! But I really didn’t share that night.)
The salad was pretty filling for a half order. The crisp lettuce, cold tuna, tangy dressing and sweet corn and mushrooms made it delectable.
The salmon irodori disappeared too fast. *heartbroken* It was served fresh though and the size of the salmon was pretty decent for its price.
The cold soba on the other hand was your typical cold soba. It didn’t really stand out that night. But I love cold noodles. I find it very refreshing.

Most of my colleagues ordered sizzling bowls and finished the whole thing. So I’m assuming that these are great dishes too.

*This wasn’t exactly my first visit. I visited last May with my mom and sister and ordered a bit too much to the point that I forgot them all and decided not to blog about it.*

Watami is located at 6th Floor, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.


  1. i love watami! must try thei sukiyaki :D

    1. Ooh. Okay, I'll order that next time. Visit again soon and please make it longer!!!


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