Saturday, September 6, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: CO/OP Manila

I just love quaint coffee shops. It never fails to make my heart skip a beat. Well, that and too much coffee.
After a quick and blooper-filled S&R trip, V and I decided to have coffee somewhere. V recommended CO/OP and I recall M mentioned that place when I asked for food stops for my San Juan food trip (which became a White Plains food trip). I quickly agreed and off we go to San Juan.

The place was slightly hidden (or was it because it was dark?) so you need to be somehow familiar how to get there. A big CO/OP sign though will greet you so you’ll know when you’ve reached your destination.
I instantly fell in love with the place. A huge MANILA signage was at the porch which serves as a cute backdrop for a few tables and chairs for the al fresco diners.

The counter is the first thing you’ll see once you open the door. With a simple menu, it wasn’t hard to decide what to order.
Since we were still full from our pizza, chicken and fries, we opted to have the Dessert in a Jar (PHP175), Cappuccino (PHP110) for me and CO/OP Iced Tea (PHP80) for V.
While waiting for our orders, we checked out the cute stuff CO/OP carries.
At first, I had the impression that the items they were selling were NGO products. Apparently, these items are from other countries like US and Australia. Most are priced about PHP900.

After a few minutes, our food and drinks were served.
I didn’t find anything extraordinary with the cappuccino but it was good. They just failed to serve sugar with my coffee.
The iced tea was slightly citrusy making it refreshing. But it seems to have an equal amount of foam. 
The dessert in a jar (chocolate nut crunch) was pretty enjoyable. I liked the different textures. It seemed like your usual chocolate cake with a slight crunch. 
With the cute décor and it being slightly hidden, I will definitely visit again. I’ll most likely try the sandwiches next time and perhaps the lemonade as well.

CO/OP Manila is located at 189 A. Mabini St. San Juan.


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