Friday, June 27, 2014

Detective 101: Mystery Manila

I have been going crazy over Mystery Manila and I was quite surprised that I had a hard time finding friends to drag to this fun place. Luckily, I saw a post of one of my former colleagues saying that she will go with her boyfriend. I put my thick face on and asked if I could tag along. (Yes, third/fifth/seventh wheeling is my hobby.) They agreed and as soon as we set on a date, it was game on. Woo hoo~ 
I think we were a bit too excited as we arrive 45 minutes before our schedule. A, being the “cool” one, suggested that we kill some time inside the car as to not look too eager. But after 20 minutes, we decided to go in.
The mystery we tried
The place was surprisingly small. I noticed that there are only three rooms and two of which are for the two stories while one serves as their office. There was also a chalkboard wall where they write down the top 10 teams with the fastest time in solving the case. A, M and I thought really hard on what our name should be and I really want the name “Do Not Erase” with the hope that they will never erase it. Anywaaaay…
We were greeted by the friendly staff and asked us where we’re from and offered some refreshments. (I had to ask if that’s a clue since I was in my detective mode as soon as I entered. Well, it was just iced tea and water. Nothing more.)
The rewards if you get to solve the mystery!!!

After signing some forms, our game keeper, Watson briefed us. (Hmm… come to think of it, is that his real name?) We had to put all of our stuff inside the lockers provided and all we were allowed to bring inside the room were the pen and paper provided by Mystery Manila. We were also given a few clues before the 60 minute time limit started.
As soon as we got in, Watson started the countdown and we began to scatter around the small room and made a mess. The goal here is to find as many clues as possible to be able to solve the case. You also have to gather all the clues before making an “intelligent” guess. If you accused the wrong person, the case will remain unsolved but if you guessed correctly but lack some clues, the gamekeeper will tell you to look for more clues.
The key here is to be VERY observant. Make sure you check every corner, every page, EVERYTHING. We wasted so much time on other things and missed out some places to check. 
And sadly, we didn't get to solve the case. Huhuhu.
I will definitely visit again soon and try the other cases/stories/mysteries! 
Mystery Manila is located at 2nd Floor, Unit 9A JW Plaza Building, 195 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C-5) Barangay Bagumbayan, Quezon City. For reservations and payment options, visit 

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