Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Tipsy Pig

It has been a while since I saw a photo of the frequently Instagrammed Beer Can Chicken. Ever since I saw it, I thought to myself, “I have to try that ASAP.” Yes, that’s pretty much how my brain works when I see interesting food. Luckily, J was free and interested to try it too so off we go! (And we both failed to realize it was White/Pi/Pie Day!)
It was a long day for me as I tried to finish my pre-employment requirements. (I managed to make a friend while in line for NBI clearance and he thought I was born and raised in China and he asked if there’s such thing as NBI clearance there.) Luckily, I finished before 5 p.m. and got to Capitol Commons just in time for dinner.

The place was still pretty empty when we got there but most tables were reserved. So we were forced to dine al fresco. But after finding out that we could dine inside but leave at 9 p.m. as every single table was reserved, we took the chance as the summer heat and smoke was too much. 
J has his heart and tummy set on the Belly Good Sisig Tacos (PHP280) while I chose the Zuppa Di Tomate (PHP150) and Beer Can Chicken (PHP750). The server said that the chicken is good for three people and since J and I love to eat, it wasn’t a problem to finish it. We also ordered a few drinks, beers for J (which were not really to his liking) and I had one of the house cocktails called Quite a Patty (PHP225/glass).

The service was rather quick but not in order. The first one to arrive was the Beer Can Chicken, which to our surprise was a tad too small for it to be good for three people. After taking pictures of the star of the night, they asked if we would like to have them chop the chicken for us. 

While waiting for the chicken, the tacos and my soup arrived. 
J said that the sisig tacos were just okay. I liked it though despite it being a bit cold already when I took a bite. I drizzled a lot of calamansi juice on it and it was yummy! I prefer though if it was crispy too.
The creamy tomato soup with mozzarella was great as well. It was too heavy though as an appetizer. I love the rich flavor of it and the cheese made it "extra" tangy!

Now for the star of the night...
I found the chicken to be dry and the peppered skin was a bit too much for me so I had to scrape most of it off. The barbeque sauce wasn't spectacular as well. I guess what attracts people to the dish is the presentation.
My drink on the other hand had a strong alcohol taste. It wasn't that refreshing. 

I'll definitely order pizza next time. Almost everyone that night ordered one. (Or was it because it was Pie Day?)

Tipsy Pig is located at U-21A & R-2B Capitol Commons, Meralco Avenue, corner Shaw Boulevard, Oranbo, Pasig City.

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