Monday, April 7, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Poetry & Prose Patisserie

I just love tea. (Okay, I love coffee more but I chose to give that up this lent.) Combine it with a new tea place and I'm practically someone you could easily drag. Add a bit of movie talk and I'll definitely be there. And that's the reason why I got to try Poetry & Prose Patisserie.
Why hello there, Poetry & Prose Patisserie.

F was already inside when I arrived and I felt so guilty for being 30 minutes late (but I had a good reason, I swear!). The place was pretty small and could sit around 15 to 20 people max. The server was pretty attentive as she gave me a menu as soon as I sat down. 

I haven't had lunch yet when I arrived so I went for something filling.  I got the Eggs Benedict (PHP355) and a pot of Jasmine Tea (PHP125). F ordered a salad with honey mustard dressing. (Yes, that made me feel a tad guilty ordering something heavier.)
Since there were only a few customers, service was pretty quick. I got my tea in less than 10 minutes (well, it was just a tea bag and water) and my dish arrived in less than 15 minutes. F's salad arrived at the same time as my Eggs Benedict.

My Eggs Benedict was scrumptious! I love poached eggs. The runny yolk on top of a warm English muffin and ham then drizzled with hollandaise sauce is just too divine! I could eat it every day! The side salad was great too. I just love tomatoes and the cubes of cheese added a different flavor to the whole dish.
F enjoyed his salad and these are his exact words, "I am biased towards cheese so I found the Gorgonzola bits giving the salad a good kick. They were also generous with the apple and orange slices. The honey mustard overpowered the taste. I also wish they had arugula leaves mixed in for variety."

It was a short stay in the quaint coffee/tea shop so we were not able to try the pastries. I'll definitely be back though for that. 

Poetry & Prose Patisserie is located at Ground Floor, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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