Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey Mister... Kabab!

Clueless of where to go to while waiting for our other friend, A and I found ourselves circling\ around Pearl Drive.


Not feeling like it.
Argh! I’m too hungry, let’s go to Mister Kabab!

 That was how my friend and I ended up in the homey Mister Kabab.
The place was pretty much empty compared to the first time I went there with some colleagues. Perhaps it was because it was a Saturday and the restaurant’s regular customers are students from the university nearby.
I was too hungry that day for someone who had breakfast twice. I ordered Special Chicken Chelo Kabab (PHP150), Keema with Eggplant (PHP90), and Yogurt with Fresh Fruits (PHP66). My friend on the other hand settled for Special Beef Chelo Kabab (PHP155).
The service was quite prompt but they served my yogurt before my main dish(es). I had to ask them to serve it later. (Perhaps it’s actually an appetizer?)
All of our other orders arrived at the same time. (Wee! We didn’t have to wait for the other and just stare at our food and wait for it to get cold.)
My Special Chicken Chelo Kabab looked… ordinary. The picture I had in mind was The Kebab Factory’s Chicken Mast but perhaps the taste was the one that’s special.
With Mister Kabab white sauce on one hand and a fork ready to poke the chicken, I took one big bite.

It was quite savory though it was missing the tangy taste of the Chicken Mast of TKF that I loved. Nonetheless, it was still pretty good but it would have been better if the chicken was a tad bit juicier.
The Keema with Eggplant on the other hand was good though since I ate almost all of my rice with the chicken kabab, the keema’s flavor became too strong for me. It was like seasoned ground beef but juicier (or should I say saucier if there such a term?).
On the other hand, the yogurt was quite good. It had the tangy taste that I love but I was surprised that the only fruit in the yogurt was mangoes. I didn’t know that it was still the season of mangoes. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

We left the place with happy tummies and wallets. I’ll definitely go back for more.

Mister Kabab is located at the 2nd Floor of Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City.

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