Sunday, September 18, 2011

Too Cute To Eat

Ever experienced buying something you really like but hesitate to use it because it was screaming CUTE? 
Last Friday, I was greeted by a cute bento box from Pink Wasabi. I was so excited to try them all. I got intrigued that there were extra Midnight Mint kashi maki so I assumed that this is one of their best sellers and tried it right away.
Oh bliss~
To be honest, I am not really fond of mint chocolates as I find it weird. I tried several before and it tasted like toothpaste with a hint of chocolate. BUT this one was different. The fluffy chiffon cake (which was so delightful) was dusted with cocoa powder and the inside was stuffed with chocolate goodness and dark mint truffles. To finish the “maki” look, it was topped with a mint roe.
Midnight Mint
What I loved about this one was that the mint taste was not overpowering. It definitely did not taste like toothpaste. It was a very refreshing dessert that I wouldn’t mind eating every after meal.
Oolong Berry
The next one I tried was the Oolong Berry kashi maki.

It was nutty goodness. This one has the most interesting texture as it was an almond cake stuffed with white chocolate almond wrapped in white chocolate “nori” and topped with strawberry roe. It was crunchy and smooth all at the same time.
Coconut Dream
The Coconut Dream kashi maki was equally good. The coconut white chocolate ganache with the coconut flakes made it one chewy dessert... in a good way. The pistachio on top was a good touch as well.
Now for the White Matcha kashi maki…
White Matcha
It was definitely different. It was a combination of white chocolates, green tea, and pistachios topped with a white chocolate tablet. Just like the others, it has an interesting texture. I love green tea and pistachios. I was just not very fond of it being combined with green tea but I’m sure that matcha lovers will like this.
Cookie Kiss
The Cookie Kiss kashi maki on the other hand reminded me of Black Forest. The moist dark chocolate cake was stuffed with cherries and topped by a cherry as well. It was cherry overload and cherry lovers will love this one.

Now for my favorites… Choco Loco and Marula kashi maki.
Choco Loco
These two had an almost similar taste. The Choco Loco was nuttier though compared to Marula. It reminded me of Peppero (but moist and tastier). I just love nutty chocolates.
As for Marula (which I described before in my UTT 6.0 finds), it has a velvety texture. Coffee lovers will fall in love with this one as this kashi maki is made from Belgian chocolates infused with coffee and Amarula liquor. Simply put, it was chocolate heaven!
Curious? Want to try these cute desserts as well? Get to know more about Pink Wasabi at or get in touch with them at or 09062102966. Bento box of 12 is worth PHP360 and PHP475 for a bento box of 16.
Special thanks to Chef Anna of My Pink Wasabi for the complimentary bento box.


  1. Parang ang sarap, looks better out of the box. Hmm parang a bit pricey but parang worth it.

  2. It is pricey but definitely worth it. Great gift as well. No need to wrap it as the bento box is so pretty.

  3. Yup its cute! nice to give as gifts for Christmas. :)


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