Friday, September 30, 2011

My Food Love: The Fruit Garden

I was never a jam person. I grew up addicted to Nutella, cheese spreads, and peanut butter. I thought that I’ll never like jams till I discovered The Fruit Garden.
I first saw The Fruit Garden during Yummy Eats. But since I was running around like crazy, I wasn’t able to sample The Fruit Garden’s jams. Good thing, my mom bought a bottle of Pineapple Mango jam. 

I usually picture jams with bread but this one seems best with the ultimate cracker… Skyflakes. It was a sweet combination. 
It took me two more months before I get to see again those cute little bottles. It was during the Corks and Forks event held at Marriott Hotel where I met my jam love, or should I say, I was jam at first sight (okay, it was corny). Pierre, the owner of The Fruit Basket introduced my jam love to me and said that it was one of the two of their latest jams for “winter” or what we call “ber” months.
Curious with the Lychee Berry Rose jam (I am not fond of lychee but the word rose made it very interesting to me), I asked Pierre if I could sample it. After a few bites, I was convinced that I just have to buy a bottle of it. 

It lasted for a few days. Yes, it was that addicting. It was sweet yet it was not the type that has the sawa factor. I loved it with warm toasted buns.
I bought another bottle during the Ultimate Taste Test last September 3, 2011 and I can’t wait for the weekend (well, it somehow is now since it’s Friday) for the Pinoy Eats World at Podium as three of my favorites, Mochiko, Risa Chocolates, and The Fruit Garden will be there spreading food love. :)
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  1. Thanks, waiting for you at Pinoy Eats this week. For a constant of our selling point you can log on to our website We will also be at Power Plant's Baker's dozen every week end (Frid to Sund) untile year end. See you. Pierre

  2. Thanks, Pierre. I dropped by last Saturday and bought another Pineapple Mango. For sure, you'll see me again buying more jams. :)


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