Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sakura Hanami Launches its Signature Caramel Cake and Doughnuts

Sakura Hanami is probably the daintiest milk tea shop I've ever visited. With its pink interiors and cherry blossom motif, it's not surprising to see guests taking time taking photos of or with their drinks. And just when I thought they already have a good selection of drinks, Sakura Hanami launched new items worth checking out.

Hello, Sakura Hanami.
Sakura Hanami recently launched several products to complement its tea line. There's caramel cake in a can as well as doughnuts available in sweet and savory flavors.

I wasn't expecting much from these new items as Sakura Hanami was never a bakeshop. But I was pleasantly surprised that everything was good!
I felt bad that the only photo I have of the savory doughnuts was with everything else. Both Angus Beef Cheesemelt (PHP99) and Shrooms Cheesemelt (PHP78) were great! Angus Beef reminded me of spaghetti marinara while Shrooms had a generous stuffing of snappy shiitake mushrooms!
The sweet doughnuts were good too. My favorite was Brown Sugar Caramel (PHP39), beside Grape, which was the simplest looking doughnut in the bunch. It had that nice sweet glaze that went well with the dense doughnut.
Don't let Triple Dark Chocolate (PHP59) doughnut's look fool you as it's not sweet at all. I managed to finish the whole thing without looking for water, coffee or tea.
White Chocolate Almond was also good and reminded me of J.CO's popular Alcapone.
There were some weird flavors like Bubblegum (PHP39), Grape (PHP39) and Choco Banana (PHP49). 
R liked Bubblegum and Grape while I opted to skip all three. I'm a purist when it comes to doughnuts.
And if you want to play it safe, you could never go wrong with Cookies and Cream doughnut.
Or skip the doughnuts and go for Sakura Hanami's divine Caramel Cake (PHP498).

I had a slice of my cake three days after it was delivered. And it was still moist, soft and nothing short of great.

I loved that each bite was flavorful and packed with caramel taste without being too sweet. This would serve as a great gift this Valentine's Day! I'm also accepting this for my birthday this month. :D
Sakura Hanami currently has three branches in Metro Manila and one in Bulacan.

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