Thursday, February 6, 2020

When in Nepal: Garden of Dreams

The chaos of Kathmandu could be very stressful. With pollution and reckless drivers to worry about, it's not an easy stroll to go around Nepal's capital. Thankfully, we found a place in the city that gave us a break from all the city mayhem. And that's the Garden of Dreams.

Hello, Garden of Dreams.
The Garden of Dreams is a gem in the middle of Kathmandu. Known as the Garden of Six Seasons, this picturesque compound was built in 1920 for Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana. 
The garden, which has an Edwardian inspired style, was considered as one of the most elegant gardens during its period. 
The strong European elements are evident in the garden's furniture, veranda, pergola, birdhouses and many more. 
The entrance fee of NPR400 for foreign guests and NPR150 for Nepalese visitors help fund the garden's maintenance. Make sure to hold onto your ticket as these are scanned before entering the garden.
A small but beautiful fountain will be the first thing you'll see once you enter the garden. We spent about an hour there as we enjoyed the cool wind of November.
There were also several chipmunks in the area. We had fun feeding them trail nuts.
Several mats surround the amphitheater perfect for a quick afternoon nap. We didn't go for it though as the mats didn't seem washed.
There were several benches though for those who prefer to sit down without having to go to the cafe and order steeply-priced dishes.
The mezzanine floor gives guests a better view of the garden. There are benches there too for those who wish to stay.
We noticed a more casual cafe selling more affordable snacks on the other side of the garden. It offers happy hour deals for soda and other beverages. 
The Garden of Dreams is a lovely retreat from the chaos of Kathmandu. Though you'd still hear horns and all sorts of street noise from time to time, being surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers sure made us feel relaxed.
Garden of Dreams is located at Tridevi Sadak, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.

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