Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tipsy Tales: Where Filipino Folklore meets Alice in Wonderland

I'm a sucker for interactive experiences. I remember being so hooked to mystery games that I'd go almost every week! And when I found out that there's a new place in town that offers similar thrill, I had to know more about it. 

Hello, Tipsy Tales
Tipsy Tales is an innovative entertainment house that promises its guests an experience to remember. And it delivers way beyond what one could expect. 

Its fairy tale adventures last for 75 minutes and you don't just get to watch it but actually live in it and decide on how it ends. So be ready to be transported to a whole different world as soon as you step inside Lambana-- a Filipino folklore beautifully crafted by Tipsy Tales.

Here's my sister's fun review on Lambana:

My mom and I got the chance to experience what it was like to be in the world of Filipino folklore-- where local sirena, nuno sa punso, dwende, kapre, and more exist.

Upon entering Tipsy Tales' lair, we were greeted by this Halloween-esque waiting area, complete with local folklore comics to keep us entertained as while waiting for our time slot. The illustration of the Philippines with mythical creatures (and its origins) definitely made us even more excited for Lambana.

After a few minutes of waiting and mentally preparing ourselves, we were ready to enter this whole new world (sans the magic carpet).

The first room we stepped into was Lola Mila’s living room, a familiar vintage-style space.

Before our guide left us to wait for Lola Mila to arrive, she told us that we could explore the room and touch anything we find interesting. And that was how we saw this particular object resting on a shelf along with other vintage displays and photos.
This unexpected discovery gave me the chills and made my knees weak. But I also could not help being at awe with Tipsy Tales' attention to detail and putting effort in researching about its audience.
Soon after roaming around the room and getting startled by sudden sounds of thunder, Lola Mila arrived with a sweet, yet eerie smile on her face, fully prepared to spook us with her tales of the other world.

The next rooms looked normal like the first. But a closer look would make you realize that there's much more to it than meets the eye.
Like this seemingly humble bedroom for example, made me crouch into the corner out of fear of not knowing what to do or where to go next when yet another surprise occurred. (Note: One of their rules was to never force any door open.)
Here’s another one of the rooms you’ll find inside Lambana. Can you guess which creature you could find here?
I found this colorful forest the most impressive among all the rooms we passed through. Not only were the neon trees and leaves pleasing to the eyes but the “creature” I met here also looked mesmerizing under the UV lights. And interacting with this particular character made me realize something. Lambana wasn’t just a show for me to simply stand by and watch. I was given tasks and choices that would highly affect the story’s outcome – which of course made me regret some of the choices I made before this point of the journey.
Without giving any spoilers, I'll end my review with a standing ovation for all the actors and actresses who wittingly acted on point despite my bland reactions and comments (Sorry, I was just nervous and confused). And 1,000 plus points for pronouncing my name right! *slow clap* I would also like to give a big shout out to the production crew for creating this interactive masterpiece!

Thank you Tipsy Tales for giving my mom and sister an unforgettable experience! They kept gushing about it after their visit and it just made me want to fly back to Manila ASAP to try it myself. I'll surely drop by soon!

Review by Mayee Siy

Tipsy Tales is located at 4th Floor, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City.

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