Friday, May 9, 2014

NEWS FLASH: Mystery Manila opens this May 2014!

I love mystery movies and just about anything that would push me to think as it makes me feel more productive even when in reality, I just munching on popcorn. I remember my Detective Conan and Psych addiction days where all I do was speculate. I even got hooked to playing Clues! So just imagine how happy I was when I discovered…

If I am not mistaken, this is the first of its kind here in Manila. It’s like one of those Murder-Mystery dinners in the US where you try to find the murderer amongst the guests.

One room.
One mystery.
One hour.
One way out.

Intriguing right? Right? Riiiiiiight?! Okay, I think I’m too hyper to blog in a calm manner. But if you are into these things, you’d understand why this makes me very giddy.

The fascinating part is that you will be locked inside a room to solve the mystery. (Think Saw the movie.) There will be clues, riddles and evidences all over the room of the mystery you chose. You will be stuck inside the room till you solve the mystery (or when you run out of time).

The objective to this game is to of course solve the mystery the fastest way possible as you get a prize after closing the case. The quicker you solve the mystery, the nicer the prizes you will get. You have to solve the mystery in under an hour to succeed. But you also have an option to try again at a discounted rate in case you didn’t finish in 60 minutes but this is of course subject to the availability of the room. To date, there are no published rates for this.

There is also an option to cheat as each room will have a gamekeeper on standby. He or she will not interfere in the game but you may ask them for clues. Each clue though will cost you 5 minutes to be added to your total time. For instance, you requested for 5 clues and managed to solve it in 10 minutes. Your total time record will be 35 minutes instead of just 10.
Minimum number of participants is two (perfect for those unique dates!) and a maximum of five depending on the mystery. If you prefer to solve the mystery alone, you may do so but you have to pay for two people. So, finding a mystery buddy or buddies seems to be a better idea. By the way, you have to be at least 18 to join. I’m not really sure why but it says so on their website.
If you are an eager beaver like me who likes to try new things, fret not as Mystery Manila promises to come up with new mysteries regularly. Just visit their website or Facebook page for updates.

See you there!

Mystery Manila is located at JW Plaza Building, 195 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., 1110 Quezon City. You may contact them at +63 917 530 8586 for more details.

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