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Restaurant Love: 7107 Restaurant

I’ve been a fan of 7107 Culture + Cuisine ever since I visited it last year. I still remember the lovely pesto pasta with sweet tocino dish I ordered as if it was from yesterday’s lunch. As much as I would like to dine here again, my busy schedule was against my plan of visiting this colorful restaurant sooner. Thankfully, one weekend finally cleared up and I was able to drop by for more delectable local fare with a twist!
Hello again, 7107 Culture + Cuisine!
We were warmly greeted by the inviting interiors of the restaurant and were ushered to a table by the window.
Our lovely host, T, guided us through 7107’s new menu and recommended that we get Pata Croquette (PHP135), Bulalo V 2.0 (PHP375), 7107 Sisig (PHP335), Pinoy Big Breakfast (PHP335), Ube Flan Fritters (PHP165) and Molten Pastillas Lava Cake (PHP185). For drinks, we went with Tamarind Iced Tea (PHP75), Watermelon Lychee (PHP160) and Coco + Pine + Pandan (PHP160).

First served were our drinks.
I loved my Watermelon Lychee as it was sweet yet refreshing and perfect to beat the afternoon heat. The taste of watermelon seemed to overpower lychee though.
The Tamarind Iced Tea was pretty good too. It reminded me of Bangkok’s famous tamarind candies.
My least favorite was Coco + Pine + Pandan. Don’t get me wrong here though. When I say least favorite, I didn’t mean that I don’t like it at all. It was good too but I’m just not a fan of drinks that have a bit of milky taste.
The Pata Croquette was served right after the drinks and it was divine!
I loved the combination of potato and pata meat and the crispiness of the batter. The 7107 crispy pata sauce was great too and was the perfect dip for this unusual yet delectable croquette.
The 7107 Sisig was a contender for Best Sisig in Manila as the sizzling pork bits were flavorful. The generous serving of scallion made it extra tasty! It would have been better though if it was the crunchy type of sisig.
We were surprised with the Pinoy Big Breakfast as it really was a huge platter for its price. One order of this mouthwatering day starter includes tapa (with a choice of traditional or crispy Tapa de Isabela), longganisa, crispy dulong, rice, atsara or pickled papaya and two sunny side up eggs.
Though each element in the plate was just ordinary, it exudes a wow factor when put together. The different textures and flavors went harmoniously with each other. This plate is also perfect for sharing if you and your companion are light eaters.
The highlight of my visit though was indulging in 7107’s Bulalo V 2.0. I’ve been eying this dish since the restaurant opened. However, I wanted to wait of R as I could not finish one order alone.
And after half a year of waiting, I finally got to sink my teeth into the tender beef shanks that were grilled to perfection. I also liked that 7107 opted to serve the soup separate from the greens in order to ensure that we get enjoy the leafy delights in its crunchy state. Having calamansi on the side was a nice touch as well as I love bulalo that has a hint of tanginess.
Quite full and ready to burst, we started to unbutton our pants for desserts.
The Ube Flan Fritters were served warm and topped with mango ice cream creating a divine hot and cold contrast. The contrast in texture between the crisp wrapper and the soft and smooth ube flan filling was great too.
The Molten Pastillas Lava Cake was also served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream. I was excited to slice the cake open thinking that molten pastillas will ooze out of the cake. But not a bit of pastillas budged. I guess it didn’t melt enough while baking the cake.
Taste-wise, it was not as sweet as I thought but that was a good thing for me. However, this dessert is a bit too heavy to be enjoyed after indulging in a feast. So make sure you share this with at least two friends if you plan to order this one, unless you intend to only order this during your visit.
Overall, it was a great dining experience. Service was prompt and we got our orders right away. The only downside from this visit was that the wait staff who wrapped our take away didn’t properly close the lid of the crispy pata sauce container. Ten minutes later, our paper bag’s bottom tore and R’s pants wet with the not exactly pleasant smelling sauce.  So make it a habit to check your take away before leaving the place.

7107 Culture + Cuisine is located at Ground Floor, Treston International College, University Parkway, 32nd Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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