Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Paradise in Jiangsu: Wuxi Hubin Hotel

China never fails to amaze me. From its mouthwatering regional cuisines to jaw-dropping infrastructures, each trip to China leaves me mesmerized and makes me yearn for more. I sure am lucky to have an opportunity to visit areas such as Shandong, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shanghai among others as seeing these places gives me better appreciation of the country and its beautiful complexities. And one of my favorite experiences to date was with Wuxi Hubin Hotel.

Hello, Wuxi Hubin Hotel.
Located beside the scenic Lihu Lake in the beautiful Jiangsu province, Wuxi Hubin Hotel is a marriage of elegance, pristine nature and unparalleled comfort. Its huge compound covering 80,000 square meters and houses top class facilities and amenities that would make anyone's stay a memorable one.
We arrived at the grand hotel past dinner time and we were warmly welcomed by the front host while an attendant assisted us with our luggage.
After our speedy check-in, we were on our way to our room. 
We stayed at a Deluxe Business Room (1180 RMB or PHP9,400/night) and it was equipped with a comfortable king size bed, a spacious en-suite bathroom with bathtub and separate shower area, couch, flat screen television, work desk, and coffee and tea nook.

Basic toiletries and amenities were also available in the room. 
I loved that Wuxi Hubin Hotel offers an extensive list of Western movies for guests to watch for free. 
But before taking our slumber, we decided to check out the other amenities in the hotel. Impressed with our room, we knew that there are other things worth seeing. 
We first checked the hotel bar which had a very relaxed vibe. It also has an al fresco area where one could enjoy the cool night breeze and the view of the ferris wheel which we first noticed when we arrived. 
There's also a ginormous children's play area perfect to keep your kids active and busy. With its unbelievably big space, it could probably fit a hundred kids with enough room for every one to run around. 
And speaking of active, Wuxi Hubin Hotel also has a gym with ample equipment. There is also a table tennis table if you are a fan of the sport. 
But if you plan to relax and unwind, this majestic hotel got you covered with its Wellness Spa. 
There is also a very impressive (and humongous) indoor pool on the ground floor if you wish to take a dip. Just make sure that you have swimming cap and proper swimwear as these are strictly observed. 
Kids and kids-at-heart would love the fact that Wuxi Hubin Hotel is connected to Taihu Zhi Qing Park. 
For security purposes, there's a gate that separates the hotel premises and the amusement park. But a swipe of the hotel card opens the gate for guests. 
The amusement park itself is not that big but there are a few rides that definitely caught my eye--ferris wheel (which we saw as soon as we got to the hotel) and the two-story carousel. 
I'm not certain if there's a pass for all rides but I noticed that most rides cost 50-60 RMB per person. 
There is also a fun house for those not fond of rides and there are also several fun games you could check out.
At complete awe at Hubin's world-class amenities, we made sure to wake up early to enjoy breakfast.
Breakfast the following morning was exquisite. A great mix of Western and Eastern dishes, I had a blast picking my favorites. From sausages to pancakes and dumplings to tea eggs, Wuxi Hubin Hotel will definitely make every guest's morning off to a good start. 

It's unfortunate that we only stayed at Wuxi Hubin Hotel for a night. But it definitely kept us energized for the long journey we have ahead. 

I'd definitely consider Wuxi Hubin Hotel again when we're around Jiangsu.

Wuxi Hubin Hotel is located at No.1 Huanhu Road, Binhu District Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. If you wish to book a reservation, visit them here.

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