Thursday, October 26, 2017

First Sip: Common Folk

I'm usually a morning person. But I turn into a grumpy old lady whenever I lack sleep for days. Thankfully, cafes are popping here and there for that needed source of energy. And one of the coffee shops I've been targeting for months is located just a few steps away from my latest shoot location. 
Hello, Common Folk
I was greeted by minimalist interiors with a bit of industrial vibe with its cement finish floor. It is no wonder why this is one of the favorite spots of Instagram influencers.

I approached the counter ready to check the list of coffee offerings when I found out that it also offers savory dishes like sandwiches and pasta. I have to admit, I got tempted to try one or two especially after reading the word "cheese". But my tummy full of mojos told me that I've had enough for the day and that it only has room for an iced coffee. I then settled with Iced White (PHP160) and started working on my mountain of backlogs. 
My drink was served even before I finished setting up my laptop so plus points for that.
After a few snapshots, I finally took my first sip and... it was milder than I thought. It had a light caffeine kick but overall, it was a lovely drink.
It might have not have given me the energy boost I was looking for but it was a nice drink to enjoy while spending the afternoon working on a few articles. I'll definitely try the other stronger drinks next time and pair it with some of Common Folk's mouthwatering sandwiches.
I stayed a bit longer than expected as it suddenly rained cats and dogs during my visit. It was then I discovered that the cafe does not have its own washroom. You have to head out to the communal washroom of the compound. Thankfully, the whole path from Common Folk to the washroom had roof so I didn't get wet on my trip to the loo. And the friendly barista was nice to watch over my laptop as I save my bladder. 
I'll drop by again soon and bring my cheese loving sister along. 

Common Folk is located at 79 Katipunan, White Plains, Quezon City.

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