Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Puppy Love: Barkin' Blends

I love animals. Wait, let me make that more specific. I love furry and cuddly animals. I get so giddy whenever I see a puppy, kitten or just about anything that I could pat and hug. So when my colleague M mentioned that a puppy café called Barkin' Blends will be opening soon, I JUST HAVE TO VISIT IT ASAP.

My sister and I were super excited to visit the puppy cafe. Unfortunately, she was too busy with school work that she had meetings even on Sundays. (Eww.) And since my EQ drops to negative when I really want something, I went without her. (Sorry.)

Hello, Barkin’ Blends!
V was already there when I arrived and we hurriedly paid the entrance fee of PHP180 inclusive of one drink so that we could play with the puppies.
There were a lot of people so we were not able to have quality time with the puppies that much.

I loved Vader the most but I didn't get to have a decent picture of him. :( 
The beagle is so adorable too but too hyper! Luckily, I managed to pat him for at least one minute. 
I will definitely visit again soon and PLAY WITH THEM ALL. This place is perfect for those afternoon hangout with the siblings or friends. :)

(Sorry, I don't have much input on the drink that I ordered. I was too focused on the puppies.)

Barkin' Blends is located at 91 Rosa Alvero Street, J&R Concon Center, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

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