Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Restaurant Love: Poetry & Prose Patisserie

I have never been fond of partying, clubbing or bar hopping. Some people say that I’m missing a lot. Maybe. But I am a-okay with that. It is just not for me. I don’t dance to *tugs tugs tugs* nor do I like to scream just to be heard. I am happy with being in a coffee shop or tea place and munch on some pastries and have a nice chat with friends. Fine, I'm a cat lady without a cat.

It has been a while since I last met my good friends A and I. I really enjoy being a third wheel when I’m with them.
This time, we decided to hold our bible study at Poetry & Prose Patisserie as A has been curious with its food and I have always wanted to try the pastries.

After a quick look at the menu, A went with the Baba au Rhum (PHP105) and a cup of tea (PHP125) while I ordered the Bread Basket (PHP275).  I ordered a cup of Café Latte (PHP105), Financiers (PHP85) and Mango Mousse (PHP255).

First served were our drinks.
My café latte was slightly sweet and the coffee’s taste wasn’t that strong. Perhaps I should have ordered cappuccino instead. However, I always order cappuccino. I wanted it to be stronger to have a better contrast with the sweet pastries.

 Next served were the pastries.
The financier was delightful. It was dense and buttery. Yum! I find it a bit too heavy though as a snack.
The Mango Mousse was also yummy. I love the soft chiffon and the slightly tangy mango on top. 
The lady fingers were baked well and added texture to the whole cake.
A had a hard time finishing soft brioche-like bread. It got so soggy in the end because of the rum.
I (not me) enjoyed his bread basket. Actually, for the price of PHP275, this is a steal. It is actually good for sharing.

I love Poetry & Prose. I will definitely be back for more. But I think if there will be more than 2 people, two tables are needed. We had a hard time having all our orders on our table.

Poetry & Prose Patisserie is located at Ground Floor, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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