Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Foodie Alert: Quezon City Food Festival

Food trips. I love food trips. But one thing I love more than food trips would be food fairs and festivals. And I can’t wait for October 11.
Quezon City Food Festival is happening in 10 days!

The foodiedestination Maginhawa Street will be closed the whole day of October 11 starting midnight as several tents from our favorite Quezon City will gather in one area for one unforgettable fattening day. The best part? It’s FREE.
Roam around the street of Maginhawa and discover new food loves. I for one can’t wait! I just realized that I haven’t covered a sixteenth of the restaurants in Maginhawa and Malingap alone.

 Here are a few FAQs about the event:
And here are some of the featured restaurants I love or would love to visit soon:
So, I’ll see you there? ;)

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