Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Restaurant Love: St. Patrick's

My friends and I have been planning to have dinner in Kapitolyo for months after realizing that our offices are practically neighbors. But since everyone’s so busy, we just can’t find time to do it. Until one Facebook post made it possible. Then again, K suddenly had to back. But since F and I were stressed that day, we still went for it.

Hello, St. Patrick's!
St. Patrick's was rather packed when we arrived. Originally, we planned on having dinner at Red Panda but we decided to change venues due to the desire to drink. [No, we are not alcoholics. Just so we’re clear. ;)]

The menu covers simple dishes so it wasn’t that hard for us to choose which ones to order. We opted for the following: Spam Chips (PHP160), Calamari (PHP180), Taco Bites (PHP180), and Shepherd’s Pie (PHP250). I went for a glass of Margarita (PHP180) while F ordered beer.
First served was the plate of Spam chips. It was simply deep fried thinly sliced Spam and it was superb! Okay, I’m a bit biased as I love Spam!
Next served was the Calamari. It was your typical calamari with yummy garlic mayo! I enjoyed the dip so much that I ate the carrot sticks! (And I hate carrots!)
The Taco Bites were awesome! It was slightly spicy but very tolerable. I enjoyed the flavorful chili con carne and the generous dose of cheese. 

Yum! (Warning: This dish is messy to eat.)
The Shepherd’s Pie on the other hand was really filling. After a few spoonfuls, I had to stop. Well, that and because it was rather bland. F sprinkled it with hot sauce to add more flavor.
Please forgive the dirty fork.
My margarita was rather strong but if you want that slight kick, this is a must order drink. Plus, serving was pretty generous too!
I’ll definitely visit again in case I get stressed again.

St. Patrick’s is located at 24-D East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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