Thursday, August 7, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: Greeka Kouzina

I have been a fan of Cyma for years. But I have been hearing that there’s another restaurant that serves great Greek food and that’s Greeka Kouzina. E and K planned that we have our next lunch there but our schedules never seem to meet. Then I was surprised to discover that Greeka Kouzina’s newest branch is just a few blocks away from my office. I am fated to eat there! Luckily, V was open to the idea of visiting the place. So…

Hello, Greeka Kouzina!
Located at the ground floor of the new D Strip along United St., the place has limited parking slots (which is also the issue with all other establishments in the area). Fret not though as the place has a lot of tables to accommodate more than 20 people. It was a rainy Wednesday night when we visited so there were only a few tables occupied.

Since I’m not so familiar with Greek food, I asked the server for the bestsellers. After being a pesky customer, we went with the following: Hummus (PHP155), Kotopoulo (PHP455), and Beef Souvlaki (PHP495). For our side dishes, we got the Garlic Arugula Pasta and Moussaka. The side dishes cost PHP195 each but you get it for free if you order a main dish.
First served was the hummus. The chickpea dip with roasted garlic and tahini was quite thick and rough. It was a good dish to start the meal as it wasn’t that heavy. Just don’t finish all the pita.
I enjoyed the Garlic Arugula Pasta. I love pasta dishes that are not cream based as it helps me appreciate the other ingredients more. I’m not so sure though if it made my breathe stink afterwards.
The Moussaka was delightful as well. Basically, a lasagna made out of eggplants, this is a must order dish. I love the slight tangy taste from the tomatoes. *yum* I find this quite heavy though so best to share this with someone.
The Kotopoulo was your typical grilled chicken. It was tender and juicy though and had that delightful smoky taste. For the price, the serving was pretty good.
The beef souvlaki was my favorite! It was so tender and savory. Each bite was full of juice and flavor. It made me crave for rice!

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. I’ll definitely order the souvlaki again and perhaps that salmon dish I spotted. (It sure was tough not to order that one!)

Greeka Kouzina is located at the Ground Floor, D Strip, United St. Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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