Thursday, February 20, 2014

Restaurant Discovery: The Hungry Hound

[Continuation of my BGC food trip story.] N and I were supposed to stop by Sunshine Kitchen for stop #2 but the place was closed. We passed by a German Pub, Burgos Circle and much more but none seem to catch our eyes and tummies. Then N went to Instagram for other finds and we both decided to go to...
Hello, The Hungry Hound!
We practically own the place when we got there as we were the only customers. The young server seemed to be very eager to serve us too. We guessed that he must be so bored and wanted to do his job.

We went with two dishes, Smoked Bacon-Silog (PHP385) and Duck Fat Fries (PHP288). Just two you say? Well, we still have one more stop and food tripping in BGC kills the poor wallet. 
We decided to finally order the Duck Fat Fries as it has been haunting me since I was in California. I just have to order it I guess. (Then I remembered afterwards that I had a few when I visited Green Pastures.)
The fries doesn't seem to be anything extraordinary. It tasted like deep fried potatoes. Or perhaps I just don't have the precise taste buds to differentiate the different oils used to fry food. The fries though were cooked crisp which I enjoyed. I just wish that they added a bit more cheese.
The Smoked Bacon-Silog was served with brown rice to somehow offset (I guess) the unhealthy fat from the bacon. I loved it that they served it with sous vide egg and the bacon was not the super thick ones that makes you go, "uhhhhhh". 
These ones were thinner (though it says thick in the menu) and it wasn't too salty. Perhaps the garlic and pickles lessened the saltiness.
I have my eyes on the Salpicao-Silog (PHP580) and the Paprika Broiled Salmon (PHP535) so I'll definitely visit again soon! And they said that they will be adding a few more dishes or specials. *excited*

The Hungry Hound is located at the Ground Floor, The Globe Tower, 32nd St. Corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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