Friday, February 14, 2014

First Bite: Green Pastures

Organic. This craze is getting stronger and stronger as time pass by. I guess it's actually a good craze as people are becoming more health conscious. I'm not too fond of organic food though as I think it tastes the same as the usual non-organic kind and because it is way pricier than its "unhealthy" counterpart. Don't get me wrong though as I try organic or healthy food from time to time. Like when I tried Juju Cleanse and Slice. And because of my desire to visit all new restaurants, my friends and I visited Green Pastures.

Hello Green Pastures!
There's a short wait before we could be seated. Oh the charm of new restaurants. This one was featured on T.V. and my aunt told me to give this a try and so I did.
I just came from Kimukatsu so I was still pretty full when I met A and L. (AL?) So I decided to go for the Local Artisanal Cheese (PHP325, single; PHP425, choice of 2; PHP850, full) and MilkEggsHoney (PHP155) for dessert. A went for the Meat On Meat Classic Cheeseburger (PHP595) while L ordered Octopus Bone Marrow (PHP425) and Duck You fries (PHP185). We all ordered Hibiscus Iced Tea (PHP90 per glass, PHP135 refillable) out of curiosity on how different it would be from a typical iced tea.
Service was quite quick as the Duck You which was served with a mini spray bottle of sauce, which happens to be vinegar, arrived in less than 10 minutes. The Duck You fries are your typical fries cooked in duck fat and topped with duck skin and duck confit. This dish is rather unhealthy but something duck lovers would enjoy.
Next served was my cheese order. I got the Neufchatel Cream Cheese with Smoked Salmon. The serving of cheese wasn't that generous but it was definitely enough for the four slices of bread. I wasn't very experimental though and ate the nuts, grapes honeycomb and cheese separately. I enjoyed the cheese though I hardly tasted the salmon.

L said that her Octopus Bone Marrow was very tasty but not to the point that it's tiring. Though she said that it was very filling. So if you want to try several dishes, best to split this one.
A's burger seems filling too. It has fries on the side and the burger's size was bigger than those you see in fast food chains. She finished it though faster than I finished my order. So I guess it really deserved to be one of the bestsellers.
The MilkEggsHoney was rather interesting. Greek yogurt plus honey comb, milk and citrus curd do not go so well together for me. I didn't finish it as it was too sour as dessert. At least the Hibiscus iced tea was pleasant to the taste buds. It was quite refreshing. :)
It might take a while before I pay this one another visit but I'll definitely try a main dish when I do. 

Green Pastures is located at the 4th Floor East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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