Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life Note: Live. Love. Laugh.

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with food but with life. Quite serious tone will be used too (or at the very least, I'll try). 

It has been more than a month since I last posted an entry and there's a reason behind this. I have been through so many things in life that I find so overwhelming. In a span of less than a month, so many things happened that could make one go crazy. But the thing here is, you only become one if you are not strong enough. The state of craziness is seen as a form of incapability to handle things, a form of escape from reality. But we are created strong. We just need a bit of faith in ourselves. Because life is too beautiful for it to be ruined by mishaps. 

Cry. There is nothing wrong with shedding tears. We are human beings and we get hurt. You might ask, what about those who do not cry? Perhaps they have been through worse, they simply do not care, or both. Our family and friends would often say "Don't cry." But here's the thing, let it out. Crying is part of getting over something. Cry until you reach the point of not wanting to cry over it. 

Open yourself to comfort. I used to be the type who do not open up and keep things to myself. I don't let anyone inside as I find it hard to trust people. But when you face difficulties, it's best to get wisdom from people who have been through the same or worse. We should remember that we are never alone. There are so many people around us who love us dearly. Yes, words won't really change a thing, but it's comforting to know that there are people, at times unexpected, who would go out of their way to make you feel better. Treasure them.

Accept reality. There is no use blaming something or someone because sadly, it happened already and no one can reverse time and change it for the better. Yes, this is hard because we always find ourselves asking, "What if this happened instead?" or "What if I didn't do it?" But the thing is, we'll never know until we get there. There's no such thing as certain in life. All we could do is give our best in all the things we venture on so that we will have no regrets in the end. 

Forgive. We all make mistakes. More often than not, we have a hard time getting over the mistake because we blame ourselves. We think of the things we have done that have caused all these to happen. But blaming ourselves won't do anything. What we need is to first, forgive and relearn how to love, especially ourselves. 

Learn. The time will come when the next adventure comes and you are ready for it. In this journey, you should not bring with you any baggage of the past. There should be no resentment, no bitterness or hatred because these will be hurdles for you to give your best, to give your all once again. 

Live in the present. We've heard about it so many times from our family, friends, movies and even cartoons. 

Live. Love. Laugh. These three words have been used in so many quotes and yet many forget about these. 

We choose on what we do with our lives. I choose to be happy. So I will be.

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  1. *hugs* u can do it ML!! :D as they say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"


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