Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shopping Destination: Marukai Market

I have expressed my love for anything Japanese in several blogs entries. The word sashimi alone makes me smile for hours! So just imagine my thrill when I stepped inside a Japanese supermarket. I was beyond ecstatic! 
The first thing I saw inside the market are some clothes for older women. It shows, I guess, the target market of the shop. There are signature bags as well though I'm not really sure if those are popular brands. Being a person who cares more about what to eat, I went straight to the kitchenware and I had a blast!
Ceramic knives!!!
Plates everywhere! 
There are a lot of sushi and sashimi plates though I find it a tad pricey at $1.25 and higher. 
There are a lot of cute figurines too and those kimono dolls. 
I also saw the Aquazinger thermos bottle my colleague T brings to work. 
I also fell in love with the cute rice ball decorators. I'll buy a set soon and make some kawaii bento meals!
The supermarket has a lot of interesting snacks too. Aside from the wide array of Kitkat flavors, I saw some different versions of the well-loved Meiji product Almond. Being a green tea loving country, there are a lot of green tea flavored sweets and snacks too. 
The second floor has a lot of amazing finds. 
There are kimono sets, miniature swords, plush toys and more!
On my way to the cashier, I spotted some classy looking sake
I'll definitely go back for more and probably buy some mochi too.

**Membership card is needed to purchase or you may opt to pay $1 for a one-day pass.

Marukai Market is located at 1740 West Artesia Blvd. Gardena, CA 90248.

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