Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grocery Find: Mars Ice Cream Bars

I have been a fan of Snickers and Twix since... perhaps when I started to have teeth. I grab a bar whenever there's one available at home. And yes, I have gone through the No-This-Is-All-Mine-You-Can't-Have-Any phase with these goods. Sadly, I went through that phase again.

I just love hanging out with N. Our world revolves around food. We eat good food, talk about food, and shop for food. FOOOOOOOD. <3

Anyway, we decided to meet up one day to watch a movie and have dinner afterwards. Since Shangri-la's East Wing is always packed with hungry customers, we ended up going to the supermarket first. 

I wasn't really planning to buy anything until I saw something at the checkout counter... ice cream bars. And these were not your typical ice cream bars... chocolate bars turned into ice cream bars! Woohoo!
See that line???
I remember spotting this goodies at the M&Ms store in New York but since the place was filled with chocoholics, I wasn't able to go near to the chest freezer. 
So I bought a few bars at PHP68 each. It's not bad comparing it to Magnum at PHP55.

Sorry, I accidentally crushed it in the freezer.
The Snickers ice cream bar tasted like the chocolate bar only it was stuffed with vanilla ice cream, caramel and bits of nuts
The Twix ice cream bar is my favorite as it has a slight crunch from the wafer (I suppose) and the caramel is somehow crystalized. Not sure if it was intended like that or if it was overly frozen but it was deliiiish!

I must buy more!!!

Mars ice cream bars are available in Rustan's supermarket. 

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