Monday, October 14, 2013

American Pie: Marie Callender's Restaurant and Bakery

I love it when I get to visit a new place. Dropping by Trader Joe's for the first time made me giddy for days. Everything that could be covered in chocolate was covered in chocolate! I was in heaven! But that's in another blog. Today, we'll talk about pies. Well, fine, pie. 

I'm not really a pie person as I prefer cake over pie. And I think the only pie I enjoy eating is egg pie from Goldilocks. My taste buds are easy to please. But I had no idea that my taste buds will be spoiled by a heavenly pie.
We were almost on our way home when Auntie asked that we pass by Marie Callender's. She wanted to check the pies as she saw a commercial saying that they have a pie sale. True enough, they do.
The place somehow reminded me of Porto's though this one has a more feminine touch to it. 
There were only a few people when we came. Perhaps because it was a weekday. The line wasn't long as the wait time wasn't enough for us to choose which pie to buy.
We ended up ordering Chocolate Cream Pie. It looks pretty good and Auntie said that it tasted like chocolate mousse. "Chocolate mousse" is N's magic word.
We had a bite of the pie after dinner and it was... Awesome! 
It wasn't very sweet and the texture is quite different from a chocolate mousse cake. It had more of a pudding texture but with the chocolate mousse taste. 

This is definitely one dessert to remember!

Visit Marie Callender's website for the complete list of pies. 

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