Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hollywood Must-Have: Pink's Hotdog

Ever since 2011, I have been wanting to visit the popular hotdog stand named Pink's. I heard that it has been around for decades and the line is still crazy till today. It must be really good. Then last year, a friend of mine, known to be a picky eater, enjoyed Pink's. It made me crazy that I still wasn't able to try it! But thankfully, after two years, I finally got my chance. 
It was a chilly night after the League of Legends World Championship game. N and I decided that we find a place to eat and he suggested that we finally visit Pink's as he knows that I missed my chance last year.

When we arrived, there was still a line and it was past 12 midnight! There were even teenagers with their parents in line. We're assuming they also came from the championship.

It took us around 20 long cold minutes before we get to order. I decided to go for the Martha Stewart Dog ($6.95) while N went for the Ozzy Spicy Dog ($6.50) and fries ($2.65). We also ordered a Pastrami Burrito Dog ($6.25) for Auntie.
When our dishes arrived, we wondered how we will eat it. The toppings were just too much. I can hardly see the hot dogs!
My Martha Stewart Dog was pretty good. I ate the bacon with sour cream separate from the rest as it was whole strips of bacon! I also removed some of the sauerkraut as it tends to overpower the dish. I don't want a sour dog. Overall though, all of the toppings went well together. I just have to tone down the sauerkraut a bit.
N's Ozzy Spicy Dog is one messy dish too. It was oozing with guacamole, tomatoes and cheese! I noticed that this one has a fatter dog. I had a bite of it and it was really spicy! I have no idea how N managed to eat it with just a few gulps of water.
The fries were freshly cooked despite the look. It was hot and it had a bit of spice that reminded me of KFC fries.
What caught my eyes though were the walls filled with photos of celebrities who have been to Pink's. And look! Elmo too!
Overall, it was a great experience! I can finally say that I have been to Pink's! I'll try the Bacon Chili Cheese Dog next time. 
Pink's is located at 709 N. La Brea, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

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