Monday, October 21, 2013

My First Bite: Stacy's

Cute restaurants attract me like an insect being lured by the light. Okay, perhaps that wasn't the best way to describe it but you get my point.  Such was the case ever since I saw several blogs featuring the quaint restaurant called Stacy's.
I have been wanting to visit Stacy's for the longest time but Quezon City is a bit too far from me and the possibility of me getting lost is almost 100%. But thankfully, Stacy's opened another branch, this time at The Fort (which is very near my place!). 
After seeing the announcement of their second branch, I immediately tagged my friends asked them if they want to have lunch there sometime... soon. And they agreed! Hurray!!!
We decided to have K's birthday lunch there and that means free lunch! Thanks, K!

However, when we arrived, we were told that they need to close the second floor by 1 p.m. (it was a bit past 12 noon then) as it was reserved for a birthday party of some sort. We hesitated for a bit but realized that they won't shoo us come 1 p.m. anyway. So we began to choose our meals.
I was drawn by the Potato Chip Fried Chicken (PHP180) because of "potato chips". I guess that will make it extra crispy! F and B had the Homebaked Chicken Parmesan (PHP215). K on the other hand had the Bluebell Farm's Beef Casserole (PHP265) while L had a kaldereta style meal which I failed to jot down. :(
The wait time was pretty long for some meals. But with the cute wait basket, we didn't mind it that much. 

My meal was pretty... ordinary. The chicken was just like the ones you can get from Tropical Hut. It tasted like chicken but it was drizzled with bits of potato chips. To be honest, I was quite disappointed. It would have been better if the chicken was well-cooked and moist inside. The heart-shaped rice made it charming though.
L's kaldereta tasted like the typical kaldereta too. What's good about it though was that the meat was tender. 
K's meal was pretty good. It was savory. It was slightly sweet and the meat was well cooked. I guess the slow cooking made it that way. 
But F and B's plates were the stars of the lunch. The homebaked chicken parmesan was flavorful yet not overpowering. I love that the cheese was stretchy and that it was served really hot! The chicken fillet was very soft and smooth. This one is a must order dish!
Overall, I realized that Stacy's is more of a comfort food restaurant. Don't set high expectations or standards on the food as what they offer are simple dishes to be enjoyed while having conversation with friends or your special someone (as this is a cute date place too!).

Stacy's is located at Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Globa City, Taguig City.

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