Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Resolution #1: Get fit!

I'm excited and this time it's not even about food! 2013 started weird. 

It all started with a talk on fitness and ended with me feeling "flabby as a jelly". Fitness, you will be MINE this 2013.
So right after lunch (yes, right after having a hearty meal), I decided to call Urban Ashram Manila and inquire. But of course I did a bit of homework before calling. It's more of verifying the following:
-The very enticing 15-Day Unlimited Pass for only PHP1000!
-Available yoga mats for absolute beginners (as I do not want to invest in a PHP3000 mat if I won't be dedicated to yoga)
-Best yoga class for a beginner like me
-Soonest possible time I could start attending
Bianca, the person who answered my call was very accommodating and said that they really encourage beginners to avail the PHP1000 package to determine how dedicated they will be. There are also available mats for those without yoga mats (and if people decide to buy their own, they sell mats for PHP3000-PHP3500 depending on which type they want). Plus they also offer FNR (Flexibility Not Required) yoga which is perfect for those with zero yoga background. In a rush to get fit? As soon as you pay, you can start!
I'm excited to start and be on my way to fitness. Wish me luck! :)

P.S.: They have two branches--Brixton and High Street. The fee is a bit more expensive at The Fort but I guess it's because rent there is higher. Here are the links for the classes, packages, and contact details.

Photos are all from Urban Ashram Manila's website.

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