Friday, January 4, 2013

Restaurant Discovery: Burger Bar

Lunch out! I always get giddy when there’s a lunch out as I get to see something else aside from our office pantry. Today, we had a group lunch out to celebrate our Group Publisher’s birthday, Christmas (better late than never!), and Frannywanny’s bon voyage (*sob*).

‘Sup Burger Bar? (Barney Stintson voice)
We left the office quarter to 12 and got stuck in the Makati traffic. Yes, I got grumpy (not because of the traffic but because I was really hungry). We finally arrived 45 minutes later and were really famished.
We were handed a single sheet of paper which we assumed was the menu till we saw a better looking one. It made me wonder why they handed that in the first place. It practically had no information whatsoever. (Grumpy diner here.)

After a few minutes, I have decided to order The Piggy (PHP245 for single patty and PHP345 for double patty) simply because it has bacon. Yes, I’ll eat anything with bacon on/in it! I also ordered a glass of Green Iced Tea (PHP65).
While waiting, several plates of Loaded Tex-Mex Ground Beef Nachos (PHP330) and platters of buttermilk chicken tenders, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and puffed shrimps with various dips arrived. I loved the red sauce the best since its tomato! :)
The nachos were great! I enjoyed munching on it while waiting for my burger. It had generous toppings though I skipped the beans. As for the platter, I managed to try the buttermilk chicken tenders and the puffed shrimps and I liked both. The chicken tenders were (redundant it may sound) tender and it had a bit of herby taste.

It took us a long wait before our orders arrived and in restaurant business, this is a big NO-NO. I waited for a bit over 30 minutes while the others waited longer. Our desserts even arrived first! That was how long it took. But the servers were very apologetic and we felt that they really tried their best.

Anyway, presenting… The Piggy.
It had one strip of bacon over a freshly made burger patty, lettuce, tomatoes and melted cheese with a generous serving of thinly cut fries on the side. It was a bit smaller than I thought but while eating it, I realized that the meat was pretty heavy.
The burger was a tad salty so I had to put ketchup on it. The patty was undeniably fresh though I find the texture a bit rough. Overall, it wasn’t as spectacular as I thought.

But the dessert was another story. We were served these little cupcake-like desserts with vanilla ice cream on top. It was chewy and it had bits of chips inside. I love love love it though some told me that they got pretty hard ones.
I’ll definitely be back for more nachos and that dessert whatever they call it. But probably not when I’m really hungry or I might go wild!

Burger Bar is located at Greenbelt 2, Makati City.

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