Thursday, January 17, 2013

Restaurant Discovery: Marufuku Japanese Restaurant

Eating out. It’s always fun especially when you go out with your loved one/s. Since I have been going out less and less these days (as I am really saving up and at the same time trying to trim down the holiday happiness stuck somewhere in my torso), I get stumped when asked where to eat. 

I had a lunch date with my dad a few Saturdays back and it was a day full of… well, revelation.

First, we need to secure a place that isn’t noisy so that we could actually have a conversation. Second, we need to make sure that the place can cook its food in healthier oil (for my dad’s sake). And lastly, it’s somewhere near.
After a few minutes of driving, we finally decided to eat somewhere along Pearl Drive and my dad remembered that there’s a new Japanese restaurant that used to be an Italian restaurant. We decided to give it a shot.
Konnichiwa, Marufuku!
The place is quite spacious and it exudes the Japanese restaurant feel. It felt though that we reserved the entire place for ourselves as we were the only diners when we arrived.  

Without any hesitation, we ordered Shoyu Ramen (PHP250), Salmon Sashimi (PHP450 for five slices), Salmon Onigiri (PHP100), Shrimp Tempura (PHP400), Japanese Style Fried Chicken, California Maki, Chicken Teriyaki and Wafu Steak (PHP780).

The service was quite quick (well, taking into consideration that we were the only diners that time too). First served were the salmon sashimi and California maki.
The salmon was very fresh and was the type that melts into your mouth kind of goodness! I just love love looooove salmon! I can live eating salmon for months! After one plate, we immediately ordered another.
The California maki was also good as the roe was huge and fresh. Yum!
Next served was the salmon onigiri and my sister did not enjoy it as she found the rice too salty for her taste plus she wasn’t able to get a bite of the salmon inside. I enjoyed it though and for PHP100, it was not bad at all.
The Shoyu Ramen was also great. The soup had a nice balance of saltiness and sweetness and the slices of pork were tender (though I would have loved it more if the serving was more generous).
I loved the chicken teriyaki as the sauce wasn’t super sweet and the skin was slightly crisp adding texture to the dish.

I wasn’t able to take a snapshot of the Japanese style fried chicken and my sister didn’t like it. I guess she was hoping that it would taste like the Korean style version. I missed out on the Shrimp tempura as well but since they managed to finish it without my help, I guess it was good.
The Wafu steak (wagyu rib eye steak) was indeed tender but for some reason, I didn’t like it. It might have been the sauce or perhaps it was not a good dish to go with my orders. Nonetheless, my foodie family enjoyed it as well.

Overall, I wouldn’t mind paying this restaurant another visit. I just hope that they’d add more desserts so that we could cap our meal there as well.

Marufuku Japanese Restaurant is located at the ground floor of The Crescent Building, 29 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center.


  1. Wow it look so great in your restaurant...The food that you serve is so yummy and so delicious ,,,......


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