Friday, December 21, 2012

Ramen Girl Favorite: Kichitora of Tokyo

I used to be a frustrated Japanese wannabe. I wanted to be just like those anime characters with huge eyes and cute curly hair. But since that’s quite impossible, I resorted to learning the language (well, barely) and eating everything Japanese. I got a text from Frannywanny one night and told me to try Kichitora, a new ramen place in front of Yabu (SM Megamall Atrium branch) and I just had another food stop target.
It has been a while since N and I last saw each other. We originally planned a food trip but since it’s the traffic everywhere season, we decided to stay put in Megamall and try the new ramen place foodies have been raving about.
Hello, Kichitora!

I was greeted by a dimly lit dining area (complete contrast to the well-lit branches of Ramen Bar) with wooden walls and furniture.
N and I were famished so we ordered one bowl of ramen each, I had the Paitan (White Soup) Chicken Tsukemen (PHP360) while N ordered the Special Miso Chashu Ramen with Ma Oil (PHP395). We also ordered Gyoza (PHP150) on the side.

The food was served quickly (well, there weren’t much diners when we went). So, as diners fond of taking photos of food, we patiently took photos before attacking our food.
I enjoyed eating my ramen as it was rather different. The noodles were served cold and I had to dunk it in the (really savory) soup.
The chicken was really tender and I just can’t stop raving about how flavorful the soup was. It was very rich in flavor. Though this made me eat more noodles than I anticipated as I am not very fond of strong flavors.
N’s ramen was pretty good as well. The meat in it was really soft and the soup was very rich as well. It was a bit saltier than mine (as mine was a tad sweeter) but I wouldn’t mind ordering this next time. 

We were enjoying our ramen so much that we totally forgot about our gyoza!
The gyoza was really good and was served fresh. Just like the ramen, the gyoza was flavorful and I just love the contrast of the soft filling and the rather crisp edges.

I can’t wait to visit Kichitora again soon and try the other dishes. Hopefully, there will be more dessert offerings by that time too. :)

Kichitora is located at the 2nd floor, SM  Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City.

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