Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Again? Maybe not.

It’s my favorite month in a few days. I just love Valentine’s Day and of course, my birthday (hihi). So in preparation for the day of L-O-V-E, two of my friends and I thought of giving each other something. I decided to order online as there’s an enticing promo that I just have to get it! Hey, it was 30% off.

Most of my friends know that I am not a fan of online transactions as it scares me. I only did it once and tried buying something for N but it ended up… wrong. *sigh*

So when I came across this promo, I chose to pay in cash. Since the order won’t be delivered till the 14th, I made sure that I ask for a receipt just in case. So let me narrate my online shopping experience.

It was the typical process of choosing what I want, entering the details, choosing your preferred payment method and wait for an email or call for verification. Smooth. Easy. Convenient. Well… not really.

The delivery company called me three times.

One was to confirm my order, billing address and that I have to email them again the delivery address and my little note as it was cut in their system. Not much of a hassle.

Call number two was to tell me that the price on their site was discounted and final and that I need to pay on or before February 1 to get the special rate. Sure, no problem. I told the sales representative that I could pay the following day but I will need a change for PHP1500 as I might be out of change. She noted that.

Call number three was to confirm the best time to get the payment and I said on or before 11 a.m.. She confirmed by saying that their guy will be in my office at 10 a.m..

So, “the following day” came and no one came to get my payment. No call. Nothing. I was a bit busy too that day so I wasn’t able to call to follow up.

Next morning, a sales representative called me and said that their guy went to the office early morning but I was not yet around (that was before 10 a.m., earlier than the agreed time and was also a day late). She then asked if she could deploy someone “again” to get the payment. I said, sure, but bring a change for PHP2000 instead of PHP1500. Again, it was noted. I also asked her what happened yesterday and she simply said, “Di ko rin alam sa delivery boy namin. (I don’t know what happened with our delivery boy.)” No apology.

To my surprise, the first guy they sent had no Official Receipt with him or change. He told me that he’ll break my other PHP1000 but I refused to give him a single Peso as if he decides to run away, I have no proof that I paid. So, he left to get the receipt. I also asked him to bring change (it was my third time to remind).

Now the last guy appeared and again, no change but with an OR. Okay, this seems better. Good thing I have enough change to give him the exact amount.

I think this company needs to shape up despite being in the industry for years.

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